Who We Are…

I know what you are thinking… who the heck are we, and why should you listen to us and our copious Disney opinions??  Well… we are DisNerds, plain and simple.  We are Heather and Katie, and we are crazy Disney fanatics and moms and now… BLOGGERS.  We have been to Disney collectively 32 times, and as dumb luck would have it, that’s 16 each.  We have been together, separately, with our families, without our families, all seasons, and all pricing tiers.  We don’t consider ourselves know-it-alls because we admit we learn new things every time we go to Disney, and we anticipate learning more!  We are BFF’s, so if any of our blog posts sound like an extension of a random text message stream… you are probably right.  We talk, or text daily, we wave at car rider line pickup/drop off (both for the littles and the bigs), we brainstorm about Disney, we plan future Disney trips, we complain about other Disney bloggers, and we tolerate it when our hubbies laugh at our obsession with Disney.


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