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Have you come across the terms FastPassFastPass+FP, or FP+ in your Walt Disney World vacation planning research? Are you uncertain exactly what any of that means? Well, if so, you’re in the right spot! This is a crash course in the basics of FastPass+!

In short, a FastPass+ is a window of time where you have a reservation to skip the “standby” line of an attraction. Not every attraction offers a FP+ option, but most do! We noted which rides offer FP+ in our park rides overview posts (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom), but there are also shows that offer FP+.

All you need to be able to select FP+ for your trip is a valid theme park admission – and happily, there is no extra fee to use FP+! Seriously, this option is included in your theme park admission! Isn’t that awesome?! Not every theme park does this for free… just sayin’…

You can make your FP+ selections multiple ways: online at the Disney website, through the My Disney Experience app, or in person at a kiosk in the park you’re visiting. Click here to jump to directions on how to make your selections; keep reading to learn more about FastPass+ in general.

You can actually make your selections in advance if you do them online or through the app, but obviously that wouldn’t work for the in park option. Selections can be made up to 30 days in advance for anyone with park tickets, but guests staying at a WDW resort can actually make their selections up to 60 days in advance (and I highly, highly recommend you take advantage of that ability).

If you’re going with other people, one person can be in charge of making selections for the whole party – so long as you’re all connected in MDE! Adults and children 14 & older can make their own MDE accounts, and then you can all add each other to your Friends & Family lists. Children under 14 are not allowed to have their own accounts, but you can add them to your own account as a “managed” party.

mde fp+
One of my friends will be at Disney soon and these are some of her FP+ selections. Even though I am not going, because we are “friends & family” to each other in MDE, we can see each other’s FP+ selections (and hotel reservations, dining reservations, and PhotoPass pictures)

When you are making your initial FP+ selections, you will only be allowed to make 3. However, you are not limited to 3 total for the day! Once you use up your initial 3 selections, you may make another, and once you use that one you can make another… on and on until the park closes. One time when Heather and I went to Magic Kingdom we did our first 3 FP+ for relatively early morning. As soon as we got in line for the last one we had phones out to make another selection. We did that all day long and managed to make at least 12 FP+ throughout the day!


How To Book FastPass+

  • Online: Head over to the WDW website and either log in or create an account. Once you’re logged in, you will also need to link your park admission to your account. Once that is done you’re all ready! Go back to the MDE tab and click on ‘FastPass+’ to start. First thing you’ll have to do is select your party – either just yourself, or anyone who is part of your ‘Friends & Family’ in MDE. After that, you’ll pick your date and what park you want to make your FastPass+ for. Once you’ve picked that you’ll be at the page where you can actually choose your selections. Pick whatever rides you want for whatever time works best for you. MDE won’t let you have conflicting times, not for FP+ and not for dining reservations. But you can definitely have things back to back!
  • MDE app: Log into your account on the app and tap your character icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • In the park: There are kiosks located throughout the parks that will allow you to do this.

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Question of the Day: Do you use FastPass+ to help plan your trips or do you just wing it every day?