Plan Your Trip!

Our posts are all over the place because, well, that’s kind of how our minds work. But we’re trying to make it easy on you to plan your trip so here is where we’re consolidating and organizing posts!

The Basics

This is the kind of stuff you need to know before you even begin to plan your trip.

Going With a Baby

This actually does warrant a full category on its own, because trust me… going to Disney with a baby does take work! It’s fun, and rewarding, and totally worth it, but it does take work!

  • Why you should totally bring your baby!
  • Strollers – Katie reviews the different strollers she’s brought to Disney and what she liked best or disliked about them… she learned over the years that her “town stroller” wasn’t necessarily the best “Disney stroller”!
  • What is “rider switch”? This is a valuable tool when Disneying with a young one!
  • Park bag for baby. Babies need different supplies than older kids or adults, so you need to pack accordingly.

Hotel Reviews

We haven’t written any specific ones yet, but keep an eye out!

The Parks

We’ve done compilation posts with overviews of all the rides in the parks, including height requirements and opinions. We also review specific rides.

Other Things to Know

  • Disney apps – this is by no means a comprehensive list, but here are 5 apps that are necessary helpful for Disney planning…
  • Celebration buttons – find out more about these fun little freebies.
  • Bus etiquette – taking advantage of the Disney transportation is a big perk, but there are some rules… some explicit, some implied…
  • Things to do outside the parks – we promise, there really are things to do at Disney besides going to the parks.
  • MagicBands – what they are, how they work, where to get them…
  • Packing a park bag – this is what Heather & Katie tend to carry in the bags they take into the parks.
  • Dogs at the hotels – guess what… you can actually bring your pets with you!

Sit-Down Dining Reviews

Counter Dining Reviews