Behind the Seeds Tour

There are many special tours or behind the scenes tours at WDW, I’ve talked about Caring For Giants before at Animal Kingdom, but the one I’ve enjoyed the most is the Behind the Seeds Tour.  I’m a good southern girl, I have a garden outside from spring to late fall, I have an indoor hydroponic garden (best birthday present ever award goes to Prince Charming) where I grown herbs and some veggies all year long… I’m a little obsessed with gardening and growing things.  I think it all goes back to my grandparents whose gardens were epic…  But I digress.

The Behind the Seeds Tour goes behind the scenes of the Living with the Land ride at Epcot, if you’ve ever done that ride you see the Mickey shaped pumpkins or the hidden Mickey’s in the shrimp tanks, or the story about gardening/farming in countries all over the world…  then this tour lets you go back behind all those displays of fruits, veggies, herbs, fish, and you learn a little more about them.  I went on all by myself and was like a kid in a candy store!

A Mickey shaped Black Pepper Tree!!!

One of the most interesting parts to me… were that there is NO SOIL anywhere in the pavilion.  Everything is grown in water or in sand.  Everything is grown in a method of hydroponics.  That was amazing to me – that all the big beautiful things being grown, there was no soil, just water with nutrients added to them.  Pretty amazing!  And unfortunately, it had me coming home hoping I can talk PC into letting me try my hand at some of these ideas at home.  He probably won’t go for it, because he already bought me chickens… and I already asked for a new bed for my garden this year… I might be pushing my luck to have him constructing twirls of PVC so I can grow lettuce.  We will see 🙂

Cherry tomato trees that wrap around each other and grow and produce thousands of cherry tomatoes for WDW every year!

So, this pavilion accounts for a little less than 10% of the food used at WDW every year.  That may not seem like much at first, but think about how many people eat at WDW! That is a lot of produce, fish, herbs, etc produced from these beautiful gardens!  Not to mention it also produces the Mickey shaped pumpkins and many of the flowers used in decorating around Epcot and the rest of WDW!

Our fantastic tour guide explaining the hydroponic processes (yes, there are several being used) that we saw growing lettuce, squash and so much more!

One hydroponic growing technique had squash plants growing up a rope, and the roots just dangled below them, but they were moving through an enclosure that would spray water and nutrients on the roots as they passed.  So these giant squash plants weren’t planted in ANYTHING!  I know I probably didn’t explain that very well, but it was cool! HA!

Butternut squash plant with roots moving through the enclosure where they were misted with water and nutrients. That is really cool!

I learned a lot, and left wanting to try out new things.  I have a beautiful cool hydroponic garden in my kitchen, but they gave us instructions on how to make one out of a fish tank, or how to make larger ones at home.  I was out of my head.

This… This is what I wish PC would build for me at home. Isn’t it pretty???
Another cool demonstration of how you can build one at home! Those are standard pots! Pretty cool. Maybe I could make a smaller version on the back deck. Grow some herbs there! Hmmmm……

The best part of this tour, is that it is only $25 to do, and it shows so much more than I’ve shown you today!  I mean… I could upload all my pictures from the tour, but then you’d not get the joy of going on your own! HAHA!  Seriously, a $25 tour at WDW is cheap!  It lasts an hour, you will be walking for the entire hour, so keep that in mind.

A real life Baobob tree like the ones from the Safari at Animal Kingdom. This one just isn’t quite full grown yet!
Pumpkins growing from the ceiling? Pumpkins growing inside Mickey Shaped Molds! So many things to be in awe of here!

Is this for you?

  • Do you want to see a 10 pound lemon tree?
  • Do you want to witness a fish feeding frenzy when you feed the fish?
  • Do you want to learn about spices and what they do in your food?
  • Do you think you can identify spices only by smell?
  • Do you want to learn about the ways Disney is able to harvest so much produce from INSIDE A THEME PARK ATTRACTION??
  • Do you want a fun place to find hidden Mickeys?
  • Do you want to taste fresh veggies straight out of the hydroponic growers?
  • Do you like gardening and want to see how Disney does it?
  • Have you ever ridden the Living with the Land ride and just wanted to know more?
  • Is it 9am and the festival doesn’t open until 11am so you have time to waste before you eat ALL THE THINGS??

Then this is for you!

Have you done it?  Do you want to?  What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Behind the Seeds Tour

  1. I’ve been studying hydroponic gardening, and am hoping to have three 5-gallon bucket plants and a PVC line of salad greens this year. 🤞 I would probably go through this behind the scenes tour two or three times!!! Sounds wonderful!!


  2. I agree! This is one of the most affordable tours Disney has. I would love to do this tour, but it doesn’t appeal to the rest of my family, so I’ve never booked it. In the meantime, thanks for the pictures. They look great!


    1. You should do it on your own! It really is fun, it is nothing that my family is really interested in either, so I went by myself and loved it! It is an educational tour, but one that I enjoyed every second of! I will do it again!

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