The Blogger that could… but didn’t

So, I haven’t really blogged much in 2019.  Mostly because my bestest BFF in the world made some silly deal with her hubs that she wouldn’t go at all.  And… thinking about NOT going made her sad.  And I don’t like a sad BFF.  And… I had this probably irrational (not really) fear that if I blogged about my trips, it would make her sad, stabby, angry etc.  And that’s not a cool thing to do to a BFF, amiright?

BUT… currently said BFF Katie is AT WDW getting ready to run the Dopey Challenge.  So I figure my self imposed don’t make the bestie sad because she’s not Disneying (she made up the Disney as a verb) ban is officially over.  She is there, I’m not, so it is currently my turn to be jealous.  I have MUCH to talk about, much to say, much to discuss about my trips in 2019, and now I don’t feel guilty about doing it.

That being said, I feel obligated to call bestie BFF Katie out that we NEEEEEEEEED another bestie trip.  Because I miss my Disney bestie and life has sucked, or, rather, it has been a tough year.  I’m looking at you 2019.  You suck.  Alas, we are now in 2020 and I am willing good things to happen, to be, to become.  I WILL be back in WDW a couple times this year, one way or another.

I am currently keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t end up having to cancel a special trip planned with the bestest mom in the world who kicked butt in 2019 with a 2nd hip replacement and some general “2019 you suck” of her own.  So, we currently are planning to be in WDW for Festival of the Arts in February to celebrate her birthday AND…. to eat all the things.  I’m also really hoping we can go since there is a DVC Moonlight Magic event that we are registered for and I REEEEAAAAAALLLLLYYYY wanna do it.  So… happy beeps everybody, let’s hope 2020 rocks, meaning Heather and Katie have fantastic trips to WDW this year.

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