Festival of the Arts rant…

I have mentioned before that Festival of the Arts has taken on the role of “Heather’s favorite festival” even above Food & Wine!!  However.  I feel like someone needs to speak out on FoA behalf.  They are getting cheated.  They are the redheaded stepchild of the Epcot Festivals.


What are you talking about Heather?  you may be asking yourself?  We are currently 8 days away from the open of the festival this year and there are no published pics of the food offerings, they have released menus from the festival – but no pictures.  Also, it is 8 days from the start of the festival, and the daily hands on seminar calendar has not been released.  Why is this important?  Well, we may have planned and booked our trip for a different week if we’d had that earlier if there was a particular seminar that we wanted to attend.  Also –  I booked a “Monday Night Football” tasting seminar for me and Prince Charming during Food & Wine in October… in MAY last year.  F&W releases so much more information on seminars, tasting events, food and general festival events, and poor FoA gets last minute information.

I feel like I need to champion the festival here… but mostly……. I admit, I just wanna see pictures of the food I want to eat.  And be sad at some of the things that went away that don’t come back (Panda face sweet sticky rice from China).  And happy at things that keep coming back (Deconstructed Cheesecake and Reuben).  I want to know when seminars are so that I know if we need to waste precious eating time to go learn things… I want to plan a trip that we hopefully will be on in 31 days.  Is that too much to ask?  Come on, give me ALL the deets!

Also, the merchandise details.  I need those.  WDW hasn’t even told me if they are going to have a FoA spirit jersey…  I NEED to know these things!  And I NEEEEEEEEEEED all the spirit jerseys.  Seriously folks… I have a problem.

Ok, what are your thoughts?  Do you feel FoA’s pain?  Do you, like me, wish that they got a little more love?  Or at least a little more advanced planning?  I mean, I’m still going.  It is still my favorite.  I hate I missed the first year, but I’ve been every year since, and plan on making it an annual thing, because I love it so.


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