Egg Roll Drama

I’m pretty sure Katie and I have discussed the trip of no egg rolls… if not, we will be happy to share. But, it’s probably far more interesting to us than it is anyone else… but it was devastating that trip…

I digress. I FINALLY tried the fabled cheeseburger egg roll in the Magic Kingdom. I was also super excited to try the latest addition, the Cuban egg roll.

I’m 99.9% sure Katie tried the egg roll on a trip last year, but I didn’t look it up to verify.

So… I was a little heartbroken. I really didn’t like the cheeseburger egg roll. I only ate half of it. 😭😭 y’all I REALLY wanted to love it. I adore cheeseburgers (another tangent… ask Katie about the time I had no idea that she hated burgers and I cooked them for her every week… can you say BFF fail???!!!) anyway. The egg roll. It was… meh. At best.

However, the Cuban? Was fabulous!! It could have used more pickle, and I added more mustard, Bc it was a little lacking too, but it should be noted that I LOVE pickles and mustard. A lot. So, it may be plenty for other folks, but, I could have used more pickle and mustard. I ate the whole thing in record time. It was amazing. I highly recommend this one if you’re gonna be in MK before they change up the featured egg roll.

Inside both egg rolls. Look at all the yummy pulled pork in the Cuban!! ❤️

So, if you are in MK in Adventureland… stop by the egg roll cart and try them yourself!!

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