countdown: 250 days

Hey y’all! I know it has been a while since I’ve posted anything, and I also know it seems like I’m starting every post with “I know it has been a while,” but… well… to tell the truth it is hard to keep up with a Disney blog when I’m not currently Disneying. Yes, I just made Disney a verb. I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it or not, but I’m not going to Walt Disney World, or actually any Disney park, at all in 2019. That was the deal I made with Michael to get him to go to Disney with me twice in 2018. Does it suck? Absolutely! But would I do it again to get two weeks at my favorite place in the world with my favorite person in the world? Absolutely!

So, while there has definitely been some major Disney news that we should have been sharing with you, I have had a hard time finding the right words without sounding bitter, and that’s not what we want this blog to be about. I might be sad that am not going to Disney, but I don’t want to rain on anyone else’s Disney parade! Its been better to just hang back a bit.

But today my Disney countdown ticked down to 250 and I figured dropping a little note wouldn’t be out of line.

countdown 250

That’s right! In just 250 days I will be boarding a plane (with Michael!) to head back to Walt Disney World to take on the Dopey Challenge. Again. Yes, I failed miserably when I attempted Dopey 2018, but I’m counting on no injuries this time around. I’m being proactive on the injury assessment side of things, and I’m making sure to keep up with my PT stretches. I’ve also got some friends lined up to run with, both here during training and there during the races. Dopey 2020 will go much better than Dopey 2018! It has to… I can’t afford these registration fees a third time.

I’m actually kind of antsy about this upcoming trip though… not because of the runDisney aspect, but because of the DVC side of things. I knew that we would be down there for a solid week, so as soon as my booking window opened up in February for my home resort, I booked at Saratoga Springs Resort. Because we’re having some friends stay with us, I got us into a 2-bedroom villa. Sure, I waffled back and forth on whether to go for a regular 2-bedroom or go for a Treehouse Villa, but in the end I figured it wouldn’t really matter because I have been hoping to switch to another resort at the 7 month mark (when DVCers can book at non-home resorts).

However! All the resorts that I want to switch to are booked up. Well, that isn’t true, they aren’t necessarily booked completely up, but they are booked at least part of the time, which means there is no longer full availability at any of them. Not at BoardWalk, not at Beach Club, not at Copper Creek, not at Bay Lake Tower, not at… you get the idea. I was most hoping for BoardWalk or Beach Club, because the thought of staying at an Epcot resort sounds absolutely perfect for marathon weekend!

I’ve been racking my brain trying to remember if I’ve ever used the DVC waitlist option. I honestly can’t remember… but I’m about 97% certain that I’ve tried it once, and did not get what I was going for. I’ve asked around to my other DVC friends though, and they all say that they can usually get what they want, or at least their second choice… so I will be giving that a try when I can.

Although, there are a few places that still have availability: Riviera, the newest DVC resort opening this December, and Grand Floridian, my favorite Disney resort ever. So, what I really need to do is just start a group chat with our roomies and talk it all out. If we do go the waitlisting route, I’ll definitely keep y’all updated on how that goes.

After marathon weekend in January, I don’t have any definitive Disney plans. I am hoping to head down to Disney with Michael in September because next year we’ll be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. I’ve been “hypothetically” planning where we might stay and what we might do, and even planning a Dapper Day-esque couples Disneybound, but nothing is set in stone. It is still fun to plan out hypothetical trips though – it helps me pass the time until my actual trip!

QotD: What is your current Disney countdown?

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