2018 holiday cookie stroll

I started out including all of this in my post about the 2018 Epcot International Festival of the Holidays but that post was getting so long that I figured I could do a little spin off post here. I do wish that I had finished writing all of this back, y’know… in 2018 before the festival ended… but if y’all haven’t figured out by now that sometimes I’m a slacker hacker blogger, well… yeah.

So. When I learned about the Festival of the Holidays I was super excited, because it was another new thing I’d get to do on that trip. A new thing… with food! I love food. I love Disney food. I love the little sample sized foods at the Epcot festivals, especially. I also love collections and anything that involves a completer item (cough-pins-cough)… and what is offered at the Epcot International Festival of the Holidays? A cookie walk, complete with completer cookie! Yessss! All that added up to my stating “I don’t care what else I do, I’m getting all those cookies!”

Some people have very set ways to go about eating around the World Showcase. They always go left to Mexico or they always go right to Canada, and you’ll never be able to change their minds on going another way. I’m not one of those people – I’ll go in either direction based on what my highest priority is, which way the sun is, what the crowd level looks like, or just on a random whim. And for that matter, I used to always enter Epcot from the International Gateway which comes in between France and the U.K. anyway.

But! In this case we walked down from Future World and turned left to head to Mexico, and the first thing I saw was the Feast of the Three Kings holiday kitchen kiosk, which just so happened to have the first cookie I needed! This red and green chocolate chip cookie was absolutely beautiful… but in the end it was just a meh cookie. I’ve made better chocolate chip cookies myself, and I’m a notoriously not great baker.

red green chocolate chip

We continued on, and finally came to Bavaria. This was the one cookie I actually didn’t even want to try, and was only going to get it to get a cookie stroll stamp. I planned to let my friends have the actual cookie. I adore peppermint, don’t think I don’t, but I am a peppermint purist. I despise peppermint when it is mixed with something else. Peppermint coffee is a waste of perfect coffee, and don’t even get me started on peppermint chocolate. That’s just an abomination right there! But I did take a bite of this peppermint sugar cookie, and didn’t taste any peppermint at all.

peppermint sugar

We stopped into the American Adventure to listen to the Voices of Liberty, and afterward walked over to the American Holiday Table to pick up a Green and White Sugar Cookie. No lie, this cookie tasted exactly the same as the Peppermint Sugar Cookie from Bavaria. EXACTLY. And you know what that taste was? It was like one of those slice-them-yourself kind of sugar cookies. You know what I mean, the cookie dough that comes in a tube and you slice and bake them? Yeah. That’s what these cookies reminded me of.

green white sugar

By the time we made it around to L’Chaim I was getting pretty full (remember, we weren’t eating only cookies!), but I also didn’t think I would be up for heading back later so I went ahead and got the Black and White Cookie. It was the first cookie of the day that didn’t make me think “Pillsbury take and bake”.

black white

The last stop on the cookie stroll, before getting the completer cookie, was the Yukon Holiday Kitchen over in Canada. This was a Gold Chocolate Chip Cookie that the sign said was the best cookie I would ever eat. Honestly… this was not the best cookie I ever ate, but it sure was the prettiest cookie I’ve ever eaten. In recent memory, at least. Look at it, this thing was gorgeous.

gold chocolate chip

Once I had the Gold Chocolate Chip Cookie I was ready to find the last booth and get my completer cookie. I just walked up to the window (there was no line) and showed them my stamped passport, and the lady did the final stamp to show that I picked up my completer cookie.


I had read beforehand that the completer cookie also comes with a glass of milk, but I actually forgot all about it until she handed over both the cookie on a plate and a little single-serve bottle of milk. The completer cookie being a Mickey cookie made it absolutely adorable, but unfortunately it was as bland and blah as the rest of the cookies had been.

completer with milk

completer red green mickey sugar

In the end, I totally think the cookie walk was worth it, since each cookie only cost $2.00! I mean come on, what else can you buy at Disney for only $2.00? Even if they weren’t amazing cookies they weren’t terrible, and it was fun to get the stamps. I absolutely understand why they’ve switched from stamps to the stickers, it is a time saver and such, but putting your own stamps in the passports just doesn’t have the same oomph as getting a stamp from someone else. But if you can’t eat too much sugar, or you won’t eat subpar cookies, this might not be the best thing for you.

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