Why I go to Disney so often…

I know those of you who know me have rolled your eyes, either to my face or behind my back when you heard me say “We are going to Disney next month.”  So, why do I go?  Well, besides the fact that Disney is beyond awesome, and there is truly something for everyone, and the food, oh my goodness the food… Why do I go?  Why do I want to go every year?  Why do I want to go multiple times a year?

So, I have another blog post in my head floating around in there percolating, about all the things that I miss, all the used to be’s of WDW.  I’ve mentioned before (I think) that I’ve been going to WDW since I was 8.  And every time I think about things I miss, things that I wish I’d spent more time enjoying… it makes me want to go to WDW MORE!!

For instance, I planned a quick mid November trip for me and my girls.  I wanted to catch the end of F&W and see some of the Christmas decorations up at WDW…  But also… I didn’t know if/when exactly I’d be back to WDW in 2019, and they had announced that Spaceship Earth was going to be closed for 2 years for a refurb.  Does it need it? Yes, absolutely.  But… it’s one of my FAVORITE RIDES, like, in all of WDW.  Yes, I’m a nerd!  And I’m going to miss it for the 2 years it is shut down.  I’m sad it won’t be there, I’m scared of what they might take out… So I wanted desperately to go and ride it one more time before they closed it.  Well… fast forward, and I snagged another quick trip for February for me and the girls again – and guess what?  I have a FP+ for Spaceship Earth – for the same reason.  Just ONE. MORE. RIDE.

I did this for the Great Movie Ride – because Katie and I knew that it was closing later that year when we went for our BFF trip… but then they announced that it was closing the next MONTH!!  So – we didn’t ride it together.  When PC took me for my birthday a couple weeks later – I made him ride it 3 times… Katie and I did ride Ellen’s Energy Adventure that trip – because we knew it was closing, and neither of us had ever ridden it.

My point is, WDW is ALWAYS changing.  Sometimes you have some advance notice, sometimes you don’t.  And, sometimes you look back and REALLY miss an attraction, or a ride, or a show, or… whatever.

Katie and I laugh about the hat at HS.  She misses it.  But, I was going before the hat was a thing – so it wasn’t that big of a deal for me.  I liked it, but I remembered it before the hat was there.  I miss the Earful Tower.  I miss the Streets of America, and all the changes that came and went with it.  We were even part of a Disney commercial on Streets of America featuring Lightning McQueen… #almostfamous  I miss the residential street – with the Golden Girls’ house on it.  I am happy that Katie and I ran the last or one of the last Tower of Terror 10 milers because part of the course was through the now backstage area that once held residential street.  I have so many memories of my friends and I in high school, riding the “Back Lot Tour” and seeing those houses…  Now, I don’t know if they were totally destroyed to welcome in Toy Story Land – or if they’re still back there, wishing that more people would come visit them…

Little K in the Honey I Shrunk The Kids Playground… where everything was just her size…

And I guess that’s it.  It’s memories made.  Just like I have the picture, somewhere, of my friends and I from 1993 in “Honey I Shrunk The Kids Playground.”  I have pictures of my girls playing in that same playground, that is, alas, no longer with us.  I miss certain things at WDW so bad it makes me tear up a little, because I have these amazing memories of them, and I know that I can’t get that back.  And I want my family to see, experience, LOVE these things like I did.  PC and his kids will never be able to walk down Streets of America, or shrink down to the size of a bug and enjoy the details and fun of the HISTK playground… Not that they would have loved it like I do, and my girls wouldn’t love it now like they did then… unless they would.  I don’t know… But, they won’t know about the bottle of Coke that sprays water on you, or the drama of Catastrophe Canyon.  So, when we are in Disney for Festival of the Arts in 28 days… I’m going to make the girls ride Spaceship Earth ONE MORE TIME… I’m going to try to do as much as I can with them… so that they have those memories too.  So that they can look back and remember all the cool stuff that they did with their mom at WDW… Or, so they can think back and remember Spaceship Earth the way it was before the new really cool upgrade.  They rode Maelstrom when they were little – but I doubt they remember it.  They don’t want to ride Frozen now, because they are “too old” for that.

I’m getting long winded and far too sentimental… But, my point is, I want to make memories of all the possibilities at WDW, because I know it is always changing.  I hope that there is never a day that I go and I’m not giddy just to walk down Main Street, USA.  I hope I still get as much out of planning a trip for my family in 10 years as I do now… 20 years… 30… Ok, maybe that’s a stretch – or maybe I’ll be that 70 year old woman in a ECV with my Mickey Ears on, grinning like a loon as I transfer to my time travel vehicle in the new Spaceship earth…  I want all the memories I can possibly get.  I want to take my family as often as they’ll let me.  When I mentioned to PC that I’d booked a room at Copper Creek in July… he acted excited – and he’s probably already forgotten about it, and will act like he has no idea what I’m talking about when I start packing…

Now that I’ve been silly and sentimental… tell me what you miss about WDW, or what you never want to miss… Do you still miss the original Figment and Dream Finder ride?  Do you miss Captain EO (either time it was in Epcot)?  Do you miss 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea?  Or do you have no idea that is what Ariel’s Grotto used to be?  What are you glad that you got to see before it went away forever?  What do you hope comes back?  What will you be devastated to lose?  Do you get sad like me walking by the Chinese Theater knowing you’ll never see Dorothy and Toto leading you down the yellow brick road again?  Do you miss the details like Mr. Gold’s shop on Streets of America?  Do you miss the carrot cake cookie from the Writer’s Stop?  Do you miss the stuffed bread meals of Min & Bill’s?  Do you miss the 2 mile high sandwiches from Main Street Bakery?  Or are you glad that you can now get your Starbuck’s fix instead?  Do you still call it MGM Studios?

A couple more memories of things I miss…

Did you know that you used to be able to meet Phineas & Ferb in Hollywood Studios? I miss this opprotunity!
And now I”m just being cheesetastic…. I miss our babies being this small at WDW… enthralled by the night time parade… They believed in all the Disney magic back then!!  

3 thoughts on “Why I go to Disney so often…

  1. I remember a hundred years ago (almost) when I went to DL when I was a girl. I remember riding Pirates if the Caribbean (except it may have been called something else way back then 🤷‍♀️) – I caught the barrel stacked way up at the top out of the corner of my eye as it tipped. I threw my arm up to protect my head from the falling barrel … that didn’t fall. Ha! My first trip through POTC in WDW – and I did the exact same thing. And the second and third time … and every time. I know it’s coming now, but it still catches me because I’m looking at everything else going on.

    There are so many memories at WDW.


  2. I will never get enough of Disney World. We try to go at least once or twice a year because like you said, it’s ALWAYS changing. It’s legit like my second home.

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