woody’s lunch box review

woodys roundup

I was crazy wicked excited to head to Hollywood Studios and check out Toy Story Land – especially Woody’s Lunch Box, the new quick serve restaurant. Both the breakfast and the lunch/dinner menus looked really delicious, but I was leaning more towards trying out breakfast. I’m a sucker for the sweets, after all! In the end, we couldn’t get it together in time to hit up breakfast, and we wound up eating at Woody’s Lunchbox for lunch.

As we walked into the park we decided to take advantage of mobile ordering. Unfortunately, that was one of the days that My Disney Experience was having some, uh, technical difficulties, and it didn’t wind up happening. I volunteered to stand in line while everyone else went to find a table.


Also unfortunately, standing in line at Woody’s Lunch Box freakin’ sucks. Seriously. There is NO shade. No covering. It was insanely sunny and insanely hot, and it was just overall miserable. Later in the day a storm rolled in, so it wouldn’t have been so hot and sunny standing in that line, but you would have been drenched. Between the heat, the mobile ordering frustration, and a few other things, tempers were flaring. Mostly mine, but I know my mom was getting pretty irritated with me in return – she might have the patience of a saint but it doesn’t mean her daughter can’t irritate her.

Anyway, the line didn’t take too long at least, and it was definitely fun taking in all the cute details. I finally got up to the front and ordered. Of course, it was way too much food, but we wanted to try it all.

Michael wound up getting the Barbecue Brisket Melt, which I of course forgot to photograph. Shame on me! But my mom opted for the Smoked Turkey Sandwich, which came piled high with turkey! Little J also wanted a turkey sandwich, and really they should have just split the adult one instead of him getting his own kids’ meal.

smoked turkey

I decided to try out the “Totchos” because diets don’t count at Disney, and we also got a Chocolate-Hazelnut Lunch Box Tart. If we had gone on any other day, I would be writing a rave review about the Totchos because chili, corn chips, and tater tots (what Disney calls potato barrels) are delicious. Some of my favorites. Sadly, all that frustration I mentioned earlier got to me, and when I get that upset I physically start feeling sick to my stomach. I was only able to eat about half of my food and I wasn’t enjoying it at all.


True story, I didn’t even like the Lunch Box Tart, and chocolate-hazelnut is my thing. I also didn’t get a picture of it. By the time I ate about half of my lunch I was ready to go sit down (somewhere inside, in air conditioning) and have an epic sulk.

But wait… Katie, you were eating your lunch! Weren’t you sitting down then?

No. No, I was not. There is not exactly a ton of seating around Woody’s Lunch Box, and a ton of the tables were designed for standing at instead of sitting. Luckily the really sweet lady at the table next to us let Little J sit at an empty chair at her table, but Michael, my mom, and I all stood to eat. That wouldn’t even make me blink at any other time, but that particular day it made me kind of stabby.

I don’t tend to really grade my dining experiences like Heather does, but if I did this would get a big fat F. Being rational, I know a chunk of that grade comes from the attitude I carried into the park, but still… the lack of shade (for the extreme sun that WDW gets, oh, I don’t know, all the time) or shelter (from the rain that WDW gets pretty much whenever it is not sunny) really kind of killed it for me.

I will be going back at some point, hopefully not in the midst of a snit, and trying this again. Maybe then I can give a more positive review!

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