Woody’s Lunch Box Review – part 2

I don’t completely disagree with Katie’s review of the Lunch Box – Just adding my 2 cents here…

We ate breakfast at Woody’s Lunch Box – and I did use mobile ordering… and still waited almost 20 minutes from when it was supposed to be ready.  Katie is right – there is NO shelter, and it is HOT standing in line.  I sent the girls to get a table – and they got one with seats – but, it was in direct sunlight.

I can admit that it wasn’t the BEST of attitudes for us either, we were hot, it was our last day, they messed up the order, Little K was having a bad anxiety morning, and since we were leaving from the park to the airport, we were carrying our backpacks with us AND since we were flying home to 30 degree temps we had on pants so in the 80+ degree temps of Florida, we were hot, grumpy, hungry, and well… yes.  Waiting when mobile ordering is supposed to free up your time, being hot, trying to enjoy the last day, but also preparing to go back home…  I’m sure it affected us.

So, they LOST our mobile order, then found it, then messed the order up and had to remake it… And gave us a holiday Lunch Box Tart to make up for it.  (It didn’t really).

The free apple winter specialty tart. 

I had the Breakfast Bowl, and Big K had the Smoked Turkey Breakfast sandwich, Little K wasn’t up for breakfast that day.  First of all – Big K ordered the smoked turkey sandwich (which looks suspiciously like the lunch turkey sandwich?????) because she had loved the turkey and cheese sandwich at Be Our Guest – and was hoping that this would be similar to that.  It was not.  She ate it, but, was very MEH about it.  I enjoyed my breakfast bowl (after I added hot sauce to liven it up a bit), but, by the time we got our food – they had quit serving breakfast, moved on to lunch, and it all felt like we got the dregs of the breakfast food.  The what was left, if there was anything left.

The holiday tart was… ok.  it was sort of apple pie like, but, heavy on the crust, light on the filling.  PC would love it – he eats the crust of my pies and sort of dips them into the filling, but me, I’m a filling girl.  I wish there had been more flavor, less crust.  But, it was free, so do I get to complain?

The grown up lemonade was… meh.  it was watered down, mostly because it was prepared when the order was supposed to be ready, and sat in the window (out of my reach – and didn’t know it was mine) for 20+ minutes.

Anyway… I’m going with a solid C- here for my grade.  It was ok.  Mostly, it was MEH.  Yes, it could have to do with our attitudes, the heat, the sun beating down on us, Little K’s anxiety, etc – but… honestly, the food just was very MEH.  If there had been no hot sauce, the breakfast bowl would have been very boring.  The sandwich appears to be the same all day long – and just wasn’t all that great.  I’m curious to try the lunch, or I was till Katie posted her lunch review… maybe we will try it again on another trip – but… I think the consensus is… MEH.  I expected so much more.  I wanted more.  I wanted to LOVE it.  I didn’t.

3 thoughts on “Woody’s Lunch Box Review – part 2

  1. We went here for the first time a few weeks ago and had the same thoughts. The food here was just Meh. I had that turkey sandwich and it was okay. The raspberry pop tart was the highlight for me.

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