Heather’s Thoughts on Casey’s Corner

I’m already ready for Katie to fire me because I’m about to lose us so many followers… but… I can’t help it.  I hated Casey’s.  Like, I REALLY hated Casey’s.

Casey's Aztec Foot Long Dog
This was the monthly foot long dog, the Aztec Hot Diggity Dog. The Aztec Hot Diggity Dog is an all-beef hot dog topped with Sweet and Smoky ground beef, Creamy Roasted Corn Salsa, and Parmesan Cheese. We also got the chili cheese and a regular plain dog.

I’ve walked past Casey’s a hundred times, or more… and every time, I thought, I am NOT stopping for a hot dog when there is SO MUCH better food out there in MK.  I should have stuck to that thought.  PC and the kids wanted Casey’s, so… we took on Casey’s.

First, before I get to the worst thing I’ve ever eaten at Disney the food, let me talk about the atmosphere.  There is limited seating.  I’m always the easy going one about waiting our turn, finding a place to sit or stand, and yeah… people get testy at Disney.  My little K had gone to find us a table.  She found a family getting ready to leave, so she stood patiently by and waited till they left, and sat down.  A grown man YELLED at her that he had seen that table first, she had better get up NOW.  Luckily, I wasn’t there, or, well… I’m not so sure I could have kept my composure.  So… when she and C came back to where I was in line to tell me about that, well, I wasn’t really in the best of moods.

So, we got the food, and PC had found us a couple of tables to stand at outside.  I will admit that I was hot, and upset about my little girl getting yelled at… but, I think I ate MAYBE 3 bites.  I couldn’t make myself eat more than that.  I don’t think any of us ate more than half, if that.  They just weren’t good hot dogs.  The toppings were… well, just meh.  No, it was worse than that.  I felt sick to my stomach not long after, and spent the rest of the day feeling more than a little green.

I know that Casey’s is a landmark “must do” for so many people, it sits right there at the end of Main Street, USA… but, for me, for my family, it’s a never do again.  And truly, my family LOVES hot dogs.  It’s not like we are vegetarians, or snobby foodies (not that there is anything wrong with either) we have hot dogs on the regular at home… but Casey’s, I’m sorry.  Or, specifically NOT SORRY… I will continue to skip you.

I will admit that in years past I’ve had a corn dog nugget that was ok, if I was forced to eat here again, I’d go with those.  But, if I have any say so… I’ll keep walking.  I’ll hit up Pecos Bill or Columbia Harbor House, thanks!

I know Katie liked it more than I did… she can salvage our status among the Disnerd community.  For me??  F.  This gets an F.  Maybe an F-.

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