disneybounding, part i

(I don’t know for certain that there will ever actually be a part II but I have high hopes)

snow meet n greet

At this point, I can’t even remember when I first heard about Disneybounding. I know it is a thing that has been around for quite some time, but we never tried it out because, well… essentially because we have soooooo many t-shirts that just beg to be worn. At least, that’s why I never tried it. I can’t speak for Heather. But I’ve always been intrigued by it and really kind of wanted to. So, for our September trip, I decided to dip my toe in the Disneybounding waters.

What is Disneybounding,  you ask? Well, Disneybounding is what happens when Disney says grownups can’t actually wear princess costumes and the like… Disneybounding is wearing “regular” clothes (ie not costumes) to mimic a character’s costume. You can google “Disneybound {any character}” and an insane amount of pictures will come up.

The first step is definitely to decide who you will be representing. A really good idea is to go through your clothes and see if you have anything on hand that will work for anyone. I do have some cosplay dresses, but I thought maybe that would be cheating. Besides those, I really didn’t have anything that screamed “this works for {character}” to me – I’ve had some weight issues and the majority of my closet doesn’t exactly fit me right now. Since I didn’t have anything on hand, the sky was the limit. I decided to go as Snow White, because it seemed like the easiest to pull together, and also one of the more instantly recognizable outfits.

Let me tell you, it was hard to find yellow shorts. It seems like a couple of years ago I saw them everywhere, but now? Not any to be found! Well, I did eventually find a pair of yellow and white gingham checked shorts at Old Navy (and hey, by the time I found them they were on clearance), but I went to dozens of stores around town before finding them. Blue tops were much easier to find, and I’m now the proud owner of like 4. I’ve mentioned Converse before, and happened to have a red pair, so I just found a little red bow hairband and decided my outfit was complete – and very cheap.

Even though I wasn’t going to be wearing a t-shirt to do the whole coordinating family t-shirts thing, I knew I could have everyone else just wear Snow White themed stuff. I had picked up a Grumpy shirt for Michael ages ago, and I had my eye on a few for Big J until he lost his mind told us that he’d rather stay home and go to school than go with us to Walt Disney World. But… I couldn’t find anything for Little J! Seriously, the only Snow White themed shirts that I could find for him were super girly, not his style at all. Friends casually gave me the best idea ever… have him Disneybound with me! DUH! Why didn’t I think of that? We did have to order a hat from Amazon, but otherwise we had his outfit ready right away – he already had the gray shorts and I found this green polo (on clearance, my favorite word when shopping) during our first stop.

We turned one of our Epcot days into a Snow White day, because I know that Snow White meets people at the German pavilion and I definitely wanted our picture with her! We got in line a little before she was set to come out, but the PhotoPass guy was already there. He was being really awesome and taking pictures of people by the well while we all waited. THANK YOU PhotoPass man whose name I’ve lost, thanks to you I have these amazing pictures of Little J and me.

snow disneybound

Once the real Snow White came out and we got to meet her, she absolutely lost her mind over our outfits.

snow lost her cool
“I love your outfit, Princess! We match!”
snow excited
“Oh darling, you remind me of a dear friend of mine. He’s a dwarf and he is working in the mines today but when I see him next I can’t wait to tell him about how you dressed just like him!”

In the end, I felt really weird being at Disney in something besides a Disney t-shirt. I think its hard to ignore 10 years of tradition! But I also had a ton of fun with it, and having people recognize us and call out to us was really awesome. I’d like to do some more Disneybounding in the future, but only if I find some key pieces that just scream out that they need to be used for some character.

And if that doesn’t happen, well, there’s always runDisney races and costumes. That seems way easier!

QotD: Have you ever Disneybounded?

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