The trip of “Things We’ve Never Done Before”

So, the girls and I took a quick little trip in November to hit the 3rd of my “Year of Last Day of Festival” 2018… No, I didn’t hit Festival of the Holidays, although Katie did!  But, I snagged super cheap round trip flights, and 3 nights at a Value Resort, so it was sort of a no brainer.  The only surprise here is I’m “that mom.”  You know, the one who NEVER lets her kids skip school.  Ever.  Not for anything.  My girls have had perfect attendance all but 3 years combined.  And they are in 8th and 10th grade.  Yeah. I’m THAT mom. School is important.  I’m sort of neurotic about it.  But… I thought the girls and I needed a get away, and… well… I’m trying to let go of some of my neurotic tendencies 🙂

So, we went to catch the last day of the Food & Wine Festival, but also see Christmas at WDW.  If we had stayed a week – we could have caught the beginning of the Festival of the Holidays – but – we were only there 3 days (because… you know… school).  Very much of the trip fell into the “Never have we ever” category – and some of it freaked me out (neurotic) but, it was fun! So – here it goes.

We stayed at the All Star Movies Resort, and we didn’t close down the parks every night.  In fact, except for the last night when we couldn’t get away from DS and friends, we were in the resort room pretty early.  We really spent more time than ever before in the room doing… well… not much of anything.

We are DVC, so I half way expected the girls to be a little disappointed in the room and resort, since we haven’t stayed at anything other than villas since they were 7 and 5… I couldn’t have been more wrong – they loved the resort, the detailing, and honestly, we used things like the refillable resort mug more this trip than we have the last few years at the villas.  In fact the last two trips – we only picked them up on the last couple days of the trip – because it just didn’t make a lot of sense to walk from say, the Treehouses to Saratoga to get coffee or coke…  But, we used our mugs every day of this short little trip.  Several times every day!

Besides staying in our room more, another “never have I ever at Disney” gotten pizza and taken it to the room.  I have always seen that Pizza delivery is a 2 table service dining credit, and that seems like something I’d rather spend my credits in inside the parks, or at a Signature restaurant… not pizza!  So, I walked up to the main building while the girls were lazing it up in the room, and after looking around, and instead of trying to balance three different individual meals, and our resort mugs refilled with our drinks of choice, I decided that I’d just order a pizza to go.  It came with either dinner rolls or salad, we carbed it up, of course.  I was given a little buzzer and I walked around to go get desserts to go with the pizza.  I expected it to be quite a while – since, you know, if I order pizza at home, it is at least 20 minutes before it is ready, and this place was slammed with weary families returning from long days at the park.  **I have a story about that, if I forget to come back, somebody remind me later** I hadn’t even gotten my delicious desserts packaged to go before my buzzer went off.  I should note, that honestly, I had NO idea how big the pizza would be.  I had eaten a lot at F&W that day, so I wasn’t starving, so, I just figured as long as it would feed the ravenous wolves back in the room, it would be great.  I also had pretty low expectations on the taste of this pizza, because as much as I love to eat Disney… theme park pizza is typically… meh.  Imagine my surprise when I picked up a LARGE pizza with rolls, plates, napkins, everything we needed for a little in room picnic!  As usual, Disney, you blow me away with thinking of the things I never imagine you would.

I carried it (precariously) back to the room, and y’all… that pizza was amazing.  I got a fall themed brownie for small K, and edible chocolate chip cookie dough (as if we don’t eat the other stuff at home) for big K.  We had the most amazing little picnic in the room and watched TV and talked and just had a blast!

I can’t say never have we ever gone to WDW just the three of us before – because we did before Prince Charming came wandering into our lives, but it’s been 4 years since it was just us, and then we always traveled with Katie and her fam, so I’m not entirely sure that it has ever been JUST the three of us at WDW.  *We did Aulani just the 3 of us, but that’s a different blog post*  So, it was different than what we had become used to, just the three of us… I had claimed one day to be F&W day, and left the rest up to them.  We enjoyed some shopping at DS, we enjoyed an evening and part of a day at MK, and part of a day at HS.  We didn’t make it to AK this trip, just because we were short on time.

Another never have I ever… If any of you, and I hope you did because it was super cute, watched the Christmas Day special from WDW with Meghan Trainor and Brett Eldridge… you may not realize that they don’t do that live… We stumbled upon it when we were there in November!  There was no signage – no nothing online or anywhere else I could find letting anyone know what they were doing, but as we walked into MK, there was a huge mass of people surrounding the castle, scaffolding with lights and cameras, and… well… Meghan Trainor performing.  We didn’t ever get a good spot to see them, obviously, we came it towards the end… but we stood for a bit and watched and listened – then headed off to ride rides.  I can tell you though, that the castle was truly magical that night… I’m not sure if it was because of the special they were taping, or if it is like that all Christmas season… but WOW!  We rode rides, wandered around, stopped at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor for a late night sweet treat, and sat in the totally empty tables (when does THAT happen?!?!?!?!?!) and listened to Meghan and Brett sing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.”  That was, pretty awesome… I have to admit.  We finished our ice cream, and headed off for another ride or two, then went back to the room.  We had good intentions of closing down the park that night (till 1am) but I think we called it quits before midnight.

I mean… WOW! Isn’t that beautiful??

Big K had asked a couple weeks before we went if she could get a henna tattoo while we were there.  I said OF COURSE!  I mean, if you’re gonna pull your kids out of school, fly to WDW, why not let them get a tattoo while you’re there, right???  HA!  She was thrilled.  I barely got to eat any of the F&W food because she was a heat seeking missile headed to Morocco.   🤣🤣 So… never have I ever let my daughter get a tattoo… I tried to talk little K into one, but we had fun watching her sister get one.  And, let me tell you, it was QUICK!  I was sorta worried that we would be there for 30 minutes or more… I was prepared to miss out on prime eating time… but… it was over in like 5 minutes!  And, it was absolutely beautiful!!

It started flaking off that afternoon (the glitter paint) but the tattoo lasted about 3 weeks!! She LOVED it. I imagine we will be getting another this next trip!

OH!  Another never have we ever… and I feel like a complete dunce for this one… but… DID YOU KNOW (and I didn’t) that there is an AMAZING waterfall in the Canada pavilion?  I’ve eaten at Le Cellier several times, I’ve gone up top for the extra cold water fountain, I’ve gone back to the KidCot area… but… y’all…. I never knew I was missing this amazingly beautiful waterfall area.  We spent so much time back there just being amazed at this little quiet spot inside of a crazy busy last weekend of the festival theme park!!  Big K had her Polaroid camera with her, so she was experimenting with settings and taking pictures.  We all tossed pennies into the wishing pool area, and just… I can’t get over this, we sat and talked about HOW HAVE WE NEVER BEEN BACK HERE??  And I almost hesitate to tell y’all about this because, I wanna keep it my little secret. HA!!  JK.  Sorta.

Ok… this one… I was sort of feeling sorry for myself (and this wasn’t the final product – I ended up with way more stickers used than this) but, Never have I ever left F&W without a fully finished Passport!  And I wasn’t even upset!!  We didn’t eat all the food.  But, we had SOOO MUCH FUN!  I was a little down that we didn’t eat more at first, but… we were stuffed, and, we ate what we wanted, I didn’t leave thinking “darn… I wish I could go eat ____” And again, we left way before the park closed… so we had more time.  We truly had so much fun!  Josie joined us for a couple hours that day, hung out before having to run back home, but seriously… this trip, it was all about just having fun.  And, we did!  We found some favorites in the food, even little K! But, did I finish my Passport? Nope. Not even close.  And that was just fine by me!!

My non complete Passport – and I did end up eating more… I promise!
I think this was one of our favorite stops. Big K and I loved the Piggy Wings, but surprisingly, little K all but licked the bowl clean for the brisket nachos!
Piggy wings and brisket nachos.
Another one that little K devoured, the shrimp queso dip! And, luckily, there is a recipe for it in the Passport, so I can make it for her at home!
I love burgers, so no surprise I enjoyed the burger!!
Y’all… THIS is a serious bloody mary! It was yummy!! I mean, how do you go wrong with a slim jim in a bloody mary??
Another shocker here… Big K isn’t necessarily a burger lover, but we are definitely meat eaters… this was the veggie burger with wasabi sauce… we literally fought over who got to eat more of this one. Off the charts good!

It was a whirlwind trip, full of lots of yummy foods, and so much fun with just me and my girls…  So much so, that we are just 48 days from another just us girls trip to enjoy Festival of the Arts.  I don’t anticipate this being another “try for every festival year” but… as I told y’all last year… FotA is my ALL TIME FAVORITE FESTIVAL.  Like, you really have no idea, and I want to share it with the girls.  I’d totally take Katie too – but she has promised not to go to Disney in 2019… Yeah, I don’t know what is wrong with her either.  We aren’t doing a big family trip to WDW this year, I’m trying to finagle my way into a DL trip though… But, I am definitely planning on a trip or two by myself, or with the girls, or… whatever.

Ok, I think that is the end of my never have I ever trip, which by the way – none of the things were intentional… we just sort of went with the flow.  But.. I’ll give you a few pics of all the fun we had, all the yumminess we ate, etc.

It was at this moment… we called a Lyft… I’m not even sure you can see how long the line is… it is wrapped in the back and forth line by the bus, then, all around the posts, and back to us. There were easily 100+ people in line for the bus. We said “NOPE” and called a Lyft!

Ok… I think that’s it for this post… what are some of YOUR never have you evers at WDW, and when do you plan to correct that problem?  LOL!

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