dvc moonlight magic at hollywood studios

If I set up the schedule right, this post is going live as I’m headed to the airport for another Disney trip! Since I’m heading to Disney right now to go to a “special event” I figured it was time to post about the last special event I went to – DVC’s Moonlight Magic in Hollywood Studios!

moonlight magic

Moonlight Magic is one of Disney Vacation Club’s member perks. Every month in 2018, January to November, had at least one evening where a theme or water park closed down early to regular guests, and DVC members (& their guests) were able to invade. You know, just like any hard ticket party, with one major difference. Moonlight Magic events are complimentary. Do you know what ‘complimentary’ means? It means free! Oh yes, free. Now, you have to actually manage to get tickets, and they do sell out FAST, but still. Out of all the DVC member perks out there, I think this is the one I got most excited about.

Any member can, in theory, get tickets, but priority goes to members with a DVC reservation during the time of the party. They get to book first, and if any tickets are available down the road other DVC members can book. Every member can bring either the party sharing their room, or up to 5 guests (for a total of 6). Even though we did this trip with my mom, we weren’t able to all share a single villa. I had a 2 bedroom villa that was housing 7 of us (me, Michael, Little J, Lisa, Rob, Little A, and Little H). My mom had her own room, just her. Soooo, I booked 7 tickets for my room, and then my mom booked 5 tickets, for her and our other friends. That’s right, I made this a giant party because I convinced Lisa & Rob to come with us, and then I convinced Natalie and her family to change their dates to come with us too.

Soooo, we had our tickets, and it was time to party! We opted to check in at Hollywood Studios because we had spent the day in the park. Unfortunately, at the time we opted to check in, a downpour of epic proportions started, so we all got soaked. Mom and I hit up Starbucks to wait out the rain while everyone else went off for rides. Once my mom and I had checked in, my family decided to go back to the hotel to change.


Oh! Almost forgot: when we got our wristbands, we were also given meal vouchers. Y’all, this was the most epic thing ever. I had read that there would be complimentary food available, but I was thinking like Mickey bars (which were there) and churros. No. Full on every guest could get an entire quick serve meal at select restaurants! I kind of felt bad, because we all had reservations at the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater, and we skipped out on that to take full advantage of free food instead.


Anyway, moving on – like I said, we went back to the hotel to change, and turned right back around for the party. By the time we made it back to Hollywood Studios, we were all starving. Mom and Michael opted for burgers at Rosie’s All-American Café while Little J and I decided we’d split a pizza from Catalina Eddie’s. We would just have an extra voucher, in case anyone got hungry later on. When I was done with my dinner, I ran across the street for a Mickey bar. They had little ice cream stands set up everywhere with a big blue sign, and every one of them was just handing out Mickey bars. I am not even an ice cream fan, but come on. That was like required!

After food, we wanted to head back to Toy Story Land. After all, that’s really why we came… shorter lines in TSL! We went straight back to Slinky Dog Dash. The line looked really long, but it moved really fast. Really, really fast. We figure because there was no FP+ line going at the same time. I know everyone is all agog over Flight of Passage, not only the ride but the queue, but honestly? I think the Slinky Dog queue is hands down the best ride line in Disney. It’s just so fun and super detailed!

slinky dog dash

After Slinky Dog we had to go across the way for another round of Toy Story Mania, since it is my mom’s favorite. Again, it was basically a walk on ride at that point! And once we finished with TSM, I hopped in line to get pictures with Buzz Lightyear and Jessie. This was probably the only thing that I really didn’t love about the party, and it was 100% not Disney’s fault. Earlier in the day Michael & I had been in Buzz & Jessie costume t-shirts, because Buzz and Jessie are hands down absolutely my favorite Disney couple ever. I figured they would be at the party and I really, really wanted to get a picture with them in our shirts. Well, since we got soaked, we changed… no matching shirts. I had Big Sads about that, but I got over it because… isn’t that a lame thing to be sad about?

popsicle wall
But seriously, we look so adorable in these shirts!

green army man

By the time we were done with pictures, we were all kind of dragging. It had been a long day with big emotion. But before we left, we met up with Lisa & family, so we detoured over to Rock n Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror before leaving for good. Little J wasn’t tall enough to go on RnR and flat refused to go back on ToT, but Little H was game for everything! And yes, we are dabbing on ToT because I had told her that Big J and I like to do fun poses on that ride. Little H absolutely adores Big J (I’m pretty sure she was quite put out that he didn’t come with us), so she was down to pose with me.



After all that, we headed out to take the bus back to BLT. I would absolutely hands down go to another Moonlight Magic event at any of the parks. It wasn’t a perfect experience, but not a single complaint I could voice was Disney’s fault. As usual, Disney put on a spectacular after hours party. And unlike what I’ve been hearing about other parties (like Mickey’s Not So Scary or Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas), I didn’t think this one was oversold at all. At times it felt downright empty, even though it never was actually empty. There were plenty of goodies for everyone, and there were short lines everywhere. If you ever get the chance, go to a Moonlight Magic party!


QotD: Have you ever attended a Moonlight Magic event?

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