automated photopass?!

I hate to be a clichéd millennial, but I literally can’t even right now. Literally. Cannot. Even. Disney has announced that at select character meet & greets they are replacing human PhotoPass Cast Members with automated cameras. What?! Y’all, I first read this on Twitter and actually dismissed it as a joke. Seriously.


Last night was the first time I ever heard of anything like this insanity, but from the research I immediately did, apparently this isn’t the first test run Disney has done with automated cameras at character meet & greets. And from what I can tell, when they did this previously… it did not go well.

This trial will kick off later this month. They expect to start using the automated cameras on November 26 at Tinkerbell’s spot in the Magic Kingdom’s Town Square Theater. Details are actually kind of sketchy from what I can tell. Guests will still stand in line and when it is their turn they will activate the camera and stand in the assigned spot. After the pictures are taken guests will scan their MagicBand like they would for a ride photo.

But I have questions. So many questions.

  1. How do you activate the camera?
  2. How long do you have from activation to get in position? I’m thinking of all the hilarious (but insanely frustrating) holiday pictures where my FIL sets up his tripod and then had to run to get into the picture…
  3. The cameras will be in stationary frames, but will the cameras themselves be totally stationary or will they move on their stand?
  4. How wide of a range will there be? I mean, people propose and all sorts of stuff. My stepfather proposed to my mom in front of Tinkerbell!

I just really don’t see this going well. I’ll be in Disney the 26th to the 28th so I will most definitely make time to go test this out.


QotD: What do you think?!

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