Garden Grill Breakfast Review

So, in May (yes, I’m just now telling you about the trip we took in May, yes, I know… read the BAD BLOGGER post where I apologize), anyway, in May, we went to Disney World, and it was the first time ever that we have managed to get all the kiddos on one vacation at the same time.  I discussed with the fam my propensity for using nicknames to protect the innocent, and that I was now in trouble – because I have Big K, Little K, and C, but my stepdaughter is also a K, but she’s 22, so we decided she is a big girl and doesn’t need a nickname.  Except she came up with a cool code name, something like Samantha Sassypants or something, but I forgot it, so… oops.  She’s Kate.  So, Kate joined us at Disney this trip, and the first morning we all went to Disney (because PC and Kate and C were traitors and went to that OTHER PARK in Orlando the first day), we went to Garden Grill for breakfast.

I’ll be honest, I was a little concerned that a character breakfast wasn’t going to go over super well with the kids, or with PC, but… I was too excited about the menu to really care too much what they thought 🙂 hey… I’m honest!  I shouldn’t have worried my pretty little mouse eared head about it though… everyone had a blast!

Kate & C posing with Chip

Aren’t they cute?  I know… I know… but I digress.  I honestly was super duper stupid excited about Chip’s Sticky Buns… a cast iron skillet full of yummy cinnamony deliciousness.  But, guess what, yep, I totally didn’t take a picture…  because I’m a great eater, but a bad blogger…  Everything here is served family style, and was really good!   The entire breakfast menu is below, and there is NOTHING that wasn’t super yummy!

Chip’s Sticky Bun Bake

Seasonal Fresh Fruits

Fluffy Scrambled Eggs

Hash Brown-style Potato Barrels

Thick-sliced Bacon and Sausage Links

Mickey-shaped Waffles

Yes, the only picture of food I took was of our drinks.  I had a mimosa, and Kate had the bloody mary!  Both were awesome!

We really did have a great time with the characters, and NOBODY was “too old” or stuffy for pics, PC even took a selfie with Chip!!

See, Prince Charming had fun taking selfies with characters!

Although, I’m also pretty sure this was after Chip had been flirting with Kate…

That Chip… He’s a ladies man!

And Dale to move along… that he was causing too much drama at our table!  🙂


Katie and I have been to the Garden Grill for dinner before, so I knew the routine here, and like dinner, breakfast really has something for everyone.  It was a universally pleasing place, even picky eaters had something they enjoyed!  This place is still a solid A for me!  It’s not the best food you ever eat, but it is good, consistent, and so much fun!  I recommend breakfast over dinner just because of the sticky buns that I was too busy eating to take a picture of.

2 thoughts on “Garden Grill Breakfast Review

  1. I remember eating here when I was little but no much of it. My Husband and I were very tempted to go this last time.. buttttt we knew we would stuff ourselves at the food and wine festival. Lol but this is def someplace I would like to go back to

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You should!! We’ve done breakfast and dinner and both were such fun experiences! But… I concur, f&w wins every time!! 🤣. Thanks for reading!


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