it’s the final countdown

Admit it… you sang the title, didn’t you? No? Just me? Well, then…

I’m sorry y’all. I’m going to be totally upfront and real here: expect this to be kind of rambly and disjointed. I’ve got a lot of words floating around in my head and I’m not sure they’re going to come out in any real coherent way.


There are only FOURTEEN DAYS until I’m back home! That’s right, just two weeks until Disney time. There really aren’t words for how excited and ready I am to be back at Disney. I feel like it has been forevvvvvver since the last trip! And this trip really is going to be super epic! We’re going with my mom (I love Disney with my mom!) and we’re going with friends. Like… we’re sharing a room with these friends. Expect to hear all about the 2 Bedroom Villa at Bay Lake, and how two families of four can fit in.

Wait. Did I say two families of four? Yes, I did, and no, that’s not right.

Y’all. Y’all. You will not believe this… but… my teen… ohhhh, I can barely even say it… my teen has said he… he… he doesn’t want to go on this trip with us!!

countdown with scribbles

Yes. Really. Big J, who is as Disney obsessed as his Disney obsessed mama, who wears Disney shirts with pride, who quotes Disney songs incessantly, who has complained constantly that he hasn’t been to Disney in forever… yeah, that kid. He wants to stay home to go to school instead of go with us to Disney. Okay, sure, I can respect his maturity to care about his schooling (he “doesn’t want to fail 10th grade” and wants to maintain perfect attendance too), but still. Dude. Really?!

(Meanwhile, Little J has told all his teachers about the upcoming trip and has actually had teachers “fighting” it out – rock, paper, scissors style – to see who could take Big J’s empty bed!)

So. Yeah. That’s the craziest part of leading up to this trip. Now, obviously I go to Disney without my kids. I’ve been to Disney four times without them since the last time I went with them. But by that same token, he hasn’t been since October 2016 and since we aren’t going at all in 2019, the soonest Big J can go again is January 2020. That’s like 3.5 years of no Disney parks. Dude has more fortitude than I do.

Well, moving on. Since it is exactly two weeks until check in day, you’d think I would be fully packed, minus toiletries that I’ll be using at home in the meantime. But nope… normally, yes, but this trip? Nuh-uh. I haven’t actually even completely finalized our outfits. Can you believe it?! Seriously. I always have such amazing ideas when I first start planning these trips, and since I have months and months to work out the details it seems easy peasy… and then somehow I look up and we’re almost ready to leave and I don’t have all the stuff I need. No joke, I’ve hit up every Salvation Army and Goodwill store in the area trying to find some stuff I want for outfits.

preparing to pack
Michael said, “But the cats will sleep on that stuff and you’ll have to wash it again.” I said, “Dude, you might not but the rest of us actually wear our Disney stuff on the regular. Half of this was taken from dirty laundry hampers. It all has to be washed anyway!”

Also… I have really been kicking myself for not saving all of Big J’s Disney shirts. Over the years he has had some really epic shirts. Check out that Phineas & Ferb shirt in the first countdown picture up there! But since the boys are 8 years apart I figured that I didn’t want to store these things for so long… well… now I’m really regretting that. Its almost impossible to find Phineas & Ferb shirts (new) now. Big J had a Woody costume t-shirt that would be perfect for Little J on our Hollywood Studios day… but nope, it’s gone too. And the list goes on and on and on and on.

We also have very few set-in-stone plans. Normally I am the FP+ queen but this trip? Well… we still haven’t even bought the boys’ tickets (good thing, too, or Big J would be going no matter what). Yes, two weeks out and Little J still has no tickets, which of course means no FP+. We also aren’t doing any DDP and don’t plan on a lot of table service meals. As of right now, the only one is a big joint meal with our friends.

We might or might not go to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. Who knows? I’ll be packing outfits just in case, but as of right now we don’t have tickets and we don’t know if we’ll buy any.

BUT! We do have tickets for the DVC Moonlight Magic party in Hollywood Studios. I am so freakin’ excited about this! In fact, that party is the entire reason we picked the particular week we’re going as our vacation week, instead of waiting a few more weeks for fall break when the kids would already be out of school. Expect a full review on that to come.

moonlight magic

So, basically… I am crazy excited about my upcoming trip, but it almost doesn’t even feel real with how little I’ve planned or executed so far. But that’s okay. I’m really interested in seeing how I handle such an unplanned vacation. Spoiler: I’m not so sure it will go very well. But if nothing else, I should get a ton of blog material so hopefully you guys wont have to go a month between posts again. Sorry. Lack of Disney vacations plus life going crazy at home meant low blog time. Both boys are back in school, in different schools (one goes 7 :00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and the other goes 9:15 a.m. to 4:15 p.m., how crazy is that schedule?!), plus Big J is in Scouts, band, and robotics, plus Big J works and can’t legally drive himself… basically I live in my car and that makes it hard to blog. Just sayin’…

QotD: Do you plan everything out or wing it when on vacation?

One thought on “it’s the final countdown

  1. Loved this read! These next two weeks will fly by 🙂 Before I moved or Orlando, we would visit the parks about 3-4 times a year. I had always planned things out so ahead in advance! Now that I live here, I “wing it”, especially since it’s so hard getting FP+ and dining reservations the day – of! I’ve never run into to big of an issue either 🙂 Have a great time! New subscriber! Would love if you could check my blog out!!

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