garden grill review

Hey guys! It’s time for another co-blog blog post! This time its all about one of the restaurants we ate at on our BFF Birthday Trip! I wanted to eat at Epcot’s Garden Grill for years, but always deferred to everyone else’s wishes… which meant Garden Grill kept getting pushed back and pushed back. When Heather & I decided to go for our birthdays and she found an available reservation? Yes, please!

(not so) Hidden Mickey!

Garden Grill is located in the Land pavilion in Epcot’s Future World. The really neat thing about Garden Grill is that it is a rotating restaurant! Don’t worry if you ever get motion sick (like us!) though – you really don’t notice the motion. Sometimes your table will be looking out in the Land main lobby and sometimes you get to see scenes from Living with the Land. I never felt the restaurant move, but I would look up and realize that we were no longer looking out at a rainforest and instead were looking at a farmhouse.

Garden Grill is a table service credit if you’re on the dining plan. It is also a character meal! Chip, Dale, Pluto, and Farmer Mickey all came around to say hi and take a picture with us. I got such a huge tickle watching Chip with Heather! But I’ll let her tell you that story!

The food was delicious! There is no other word for it. Instead of a menu where you pick your entree, everything is brought out ‘family style’. We had turkey with gravy, pot roast, sausage, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, french fries, and mac ‘n cheese, with rolls on the side. It really is a feast! Pot roast is one of my favorite meals and theirs was delicious. And I absolutely fell in love with the Goldfish crackers on top of the mac ‘n cheese!

We made sure to mention that it was our birthday whenever we made any reservations, and we were both wearing our Happy Birthday buttons when we arrived. Our waitress surprised us with a special birthday cake and cookies! I love the little ways that Disney goes above and beyond.


My only complaint about Garden Grill? We weren’t offered a drinks menu. Yes, we were asked what we would like to drink and given the usual litany of soda, tea, coffee (we both picked coffee)! But we weren’t asked if we would like a glass of wine or anything. I have spent a few years looking at the menu and reading reviews (which is why I wanted to go in the first place!), but I was understandably distracted with the rotating restaurant and characters coming up. Who knows, I might not have even wanted a drink at the point… but I do wish she had offered.

I really loved this place and would definitely like to go back! I know my boys would get a huge kick out of the revolving restaurant and we all always enjoy meeting characters! And this simple, home-style cooking is exactly what my family tends to prefer. Sure, they’ll be adventurous for me but they definitely like the simple best.

Look! Katie has a Pluto mustache hehe!

H here… I can’t agree any more with Katie! This has been a “wanna do” for so long, but, other ideas trumped it. I was so excited that we scored this ADR. Honestly this makes my “hidden gems” list.

The turkey and dressing was Thanksgiving worthy! The pot roast was not as good as mine great! Mashed potatoes, Mac n cheese?! Hello?! This is comfort food at its best!!

I talked briefly about my “date” with Chip on my meeting characters post, or if I didn’t I meant to 🤣🤣. This was our BFF birthday trip, so it was just us, but my Prince Charming called just as Chip came to the table. He stole my phone and said (mimed, since he can’t talk) that I should marry him instead of PC… he tried to FaceTime but his poor paws couldn’t operate my iPhone! 😂 When I FaceTime’d Chip showed Prince Charming that I was with him now…

“You can’t talk to someone else on the phone when you’re with me!” This was hilarious. It really, really was.
FaceTiming Prince Charming to win the princess 😉

I’m sure I butchered the story, but in the moment… I’m telling you, we were crying we were laughing so hard!!

This was so much fun, such a memorable experience that we are going back in just 5 days now to do breakfast there! Stay tuned for a breakfast review!! I am most excited for Chip’s sticky bun bake!! If breakfast is anywhere close to dinner’s experience it’s going to be delicious!!

I’ll (obviously) be back, and I give it a solid A! It’s a great option for families like mine who aren’t on the adventurous side!!

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