Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant Review

We ate an early dinner at Sci-Fi at Hollywood Studios for the first time this last October.  Let me be pretty frank with you, my blog friends… I’ve never eaten here on purpose… it just doesn’t seem all that awesomesauce when there are splendiferous awesomesaucery options out there…

Also… we had done the Fantasmic Dining Package that day, and had a noon lunch at Mama Melrose’s (review to come later) and we were still STUFFED when our reservation time came for Sci-Fi.

The premise is, you are at a drive in movie theater in the 50’s watching classic sci-fi movies.  You sit in “cars” and eat and watch… The idea is cute… the reality… is… well, clunky.  So, our family of 5 sat 2, 1, 2.  The lighting is turned way down so you can watch the movies, and you have little individual lights at your table. This turned into… we didn’t talk to each other.  We all played on our phones.  It was just… not exactly a family communication style eating experience.

The view from my seat in the car – watching the UFO attack

I’m getting ahead of myself.  Let me get back to the food. Now – I get to say, no I didn’t take pics of everyone’s food before they ate, but, I was sitting all by myself in the middle seat, and, it is REALLY dark.

I had the seasonal burger, which was a “southern burger” with a fried green tomato on a brioche bun.  It was good.  I ate about a third of it, mostly just to give you our readers a review, because again, I was STUFFED!

Southern burger with a fried green tomato and mac n cheese

The kids both ordered off the kids menu because they just weren’t hungry.  They both opted for the mac n cheese.  Big K got French fries, Little K had goldfish.  They said it was really good.  The kids mac n cheese is different than the adult side order is, a different kind all together.

Dessert here was off the charts!  I had the warm glazed donut with cinnamon apples, vanilla bean ice cream and caramel sauce!  I suffered thru this, I couldn’t not eat it!!  The girls opted for fruit, C got the brownie, and Prince Charming got the hot fudge sundae.  We all made the biggest dent in it that we could!

Overall, I’d say, this gets a solid B.

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