Pick a Pearl Experience

Sun, Knee, Itchy!

What? Heather, you’ve lost your mind! What are you talking about?

Every trip to WDW my girls and I do the pick a pearl experience at the Japan pavilion at Epcot World Showcase. We introduced Prince Charming and C to this two years ago and they are just as addicted as we are. We love a little competition over who gets the best or most unique pearl…

The experience of having the Japanese representative talk to you and count down to opening your shell is so much fun! No matter how many people are in the store, you feel important and you have a crowd cheering you on!

So, you pay your fee, $18 last time we did it in October 2017, and get a number. When they call your number you pick your oyster and your individual show begins! They teach you the Japanese words for a three, two, one words and they open your oyster and pull out your pearl.

You could get a white, grey, pink or yellow pearl, and it can be anywhere from a 6mm up… you could even get twins!! The best part is you can also choose settings for your pearl, to get earrings, necklace, rings… you name it! Or, you can take them home and have a jeweler set them, OR save them and make a necklace with your years of souvenirs!!

My girls have had them made into necklaces once, and the rest are all in the jewelry box… and they’ll one day maybe be really upset that I didn’t remember who’s pearl was who’s!! 🤦🏻‍♀️ We have gotten pink, grey, white, twins, and all sizes!!

Our pearl collection!

We also did the pick a pearl experience at Disney’s Aulani to continue our tradition, but it was not the same entertainment value as being in Japan at Epcot!

Do this! Seriously, do this! It’s not a girl thing… it’s fun! It’s a sweet and romantic thing! In fact, I’m already planning to suggest C do this as a souvenir to take back to his girlfriend! You can’t help but smile, and you’ll be saying “sun, knee, itchy” for your turn and everyone else’s. The fun is contagious!!

Little K says to make sure you don’t JUST get your pearl and leave, the store is her favorite in Epcot! She loves shopping there!

So, for fairly inexpensive souvenirs AND a chance to get into the air conditioning for a little while… DO THIS!! You’ll thank me! If you’ve already done this… show me your pearls! Tell me your great ideas for displaying them!

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