Caring for Giants

There are a lot of Special Events & Tours that are available at Walt Disney World, they all give you a bit of a back stage glimpse at the parks, the procedures and the background that goes into making the magic happen.  I’ve had a couple chances to go backstage during high school when our band got to play during Magic Music Days, but I’ve never done one of the Special Tours until last October.  I surprised the family with the Caring for Giants tour at Animal Kingdom.

My family loves animals, I say that as big K’s kitten is playing on my lap.  She is a cute little fuzzball that is barely 6 weeks old and would very much like for me to stop writing and play with her.  But… I digress.  My family loves animals, and Prince Charming loves AK, it is his favorite park.  We love Rifiki’s planet watch, especially the vet area where you can watch animals being treated!

So, we checked in at our time for Caring for Giants, right after Prince Charming had literally saved a man’s life.  He was choking and PC jumped up and did the Heimlich and everybody’s day was a little better.  I admit we were all a little rattled, but we headed over to the backstage gate to meet our guide.  We boarded a bus and learned a bit about elephants on the way back to the observation landing.  We learned that elephants are a matriarchal species, leading the packs and raising the babies.  If you see a group of elephants together, it is a safe bet that the only males in the group are babies.  Once they are mature, they leave the herd and go out on their own.

Momma and baby

We learned so much about the elephants that live in Disney’s AK, and we were in luck getting to see a baby elephant interact with his mom, sister and aunts.  We learned their names and how to tell them apart.  The observation spot is awesome, we got so close to the herd, and got to watch them play, eat and communicate with each other.

Caring for Giants is one of the more inexpensive tours that you can do, and it does require you to miss a solid hour of your park experience, but if you love animals, and love the opportunity to see some very special animals up close and personal, I highly recommend this tour!  I think we will do it again in May because my stepdaughter LOVES elephants and she will be with us this trip!  I definitely give this tour an A++!  For the price and the experience, it cannot be beat!

*note*  These tours take anywhere from an hour to eight hours, so these probably aren’t for a first time trip, unless you just know you’re gonna become a Disney junkie like us, and go back every year, a couple times a year… Most of them involve a lot of walking, or standing.  BUT, they are so much fun!  

I’d love to do all the special tours, but my other biggest “want to” is Behind the Seeds at Epcot… maybe in July??  Katie’s mom did Keys to the Kingdom at MK a few years ago, which sounded like an amazing day!  What about you, what special tour do you most want to do?

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