matching shirts

The way I Disney has evolved over the years… the places I stay, how I plan dining or FP+ (heck – just having the option to advance book FP+!), and so on. One thing that has definitely changed over the years is what we wear in the parks. When I first started going, we didn’t all have a ton of Disney shirts, and we didn’t all have matching / similar shirts. But things have changed…. *muahaha* oh yes things have changed!

No, I don’t make my family wear matching shirts – if by matching you mean exactly the same shirts. But! We do have theme days, where we definitely coordinate. For example, we all wear shirts with Genie from Aladdin!


Or we all wear Mickey / Minnie shirts.


Or we all wear Toy Story shirts!

little j crocs
This was from our trip in 2015.
This was from our trip in 2016.
And this was from a couple weeks ago, in 2018. Yes, Little J has been wearing this shirt going on his fourth year now. The kid just doesn’t grow! (and no, that has nothing to do with matching shirts, but I felt the urge to share)

Or we all wear…. you get the idea!

There are a few reasons I do this. First and foremost, I think it looks adorable in our pictures. You just know we’re a unit. For another thing, it makes it very easy for me to remember what everyone is wearing, if we ever get separated (which, honestly… hasn’t happened once… but it could!).

But perhaps most importantly… I do this because it really helps me keep the Disney magic alive when I’m not at Disney. It’s another level of planning, which means thinking about Disney! And although we reuse shirts (duh, wearing them only once would be a waste), we also change things up from year to year, which means Disney shopping {in fact I started this post while taking a break from hunting down Monsters, Inc. shirts for everyone}!

There are so many places to find Disney shirts! Of course you’ll always find Disney stuff at the Disney Store online, or the Shop Parks app, but you can also find some really neat stuff elsewhere. I get a lot of my shirts at Hot Topic. I get some of Michael and Big J’s shirts there too, but not Little J’s – the don’t really sell kid clothes. Target is another great place for Disney shirts, with a bonus that Target’s shirts are almost always the very soft, thin shirts that my family prefers. Kohl’s, Walmart, and Etsy get a fair amount of my business as well!

When I decide on a more obscure character {ahem, looking at you Perry the Platypus}, it can take quite a while to hunt down what I need…. and sometimes I wind up having to order used from eBay or Poshmark. I know that not everyone is cool with used, but I’m all about saving money – the $15 I save on a shirt is $15 more to spend at Disney!

Not only do I match our shirts to each other, but I like to match our shirts to the park we’ll be in. I mean, obviously any Disney shirt would work in any Disney Park, but Lion King just makes the most sense at Animal Kingdom, where there’s the Festival of the Lion King. And Frozen makes the most sense in Epcot, where you can meet Anna & Elsa. And Star Wars makes the most sense in Hollywood, where it’s all Star Wars all the time, it seems. You know?

katie and the js

So… I said we don’t do perfect twinsies, because my family doesn’t… BUT! Heather & I can and have twinned at Disney. We’ve done it on trips where our families went together, like when my family had a Mickey / Minnie day and her family had a Tsum Tsum day.


And! When we did our First Annual BFF Trip, we twinned Because we are total BFFs!


hashtag best friends forever

So. If you don’t already, for your next trip I really recommend thinking about matching, at least sticking to a theme.

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