Closing down the parks??

Are you an open to close? Or an open till early evening? Midday to close? How do you prefer to do Disney?

In years past we were midday till close, no matter how late it is. We’ve been at mk at 3am before riding rides and having a blast!

That’s me from 5 years ago at 1:30 am enjoying the late night hours and all the rides with no line. And, you know, being my own obnoxious self! 💁🏻‍♀️

Now we tend to hit the parks a little earlier and are happy to be headed back to the resort around 10 or so. Sometimes we are back enjoying pool time midday.

There’s no wrong way to do Disney, it’s what works for you and your family!! Just have fun! Don’t stress, enjoy your day! However you do it! Pool days are fun! Water park days are fun! Katie will tell you a shopping day is fun… not for me, but hey! Do it YOUR way!

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