Maria & Enzo’s Ristorante

At Disney Springs “The Landing” Maria & Enzo’s is a new offering that is part of the new Edison area arrivals.  I have to admit, I’ve been completely transfixed by this place ever since I saw the details offered pre-open.  The restaurant offers you the opportunity to “step into the golden age of air travel when you savor authentic Italian cuisine inside this stunning trattoria.”

Main Dining Room

I have to admit… I was more than a little in love before I ever set foot inside.  I remember when flying was an event.  When you dressed to go to the airport, and to fly… Now, I’m the first to admit that I’ll be in the most comfortable clothes possible if you see me on a plane these days… but, I remember the romanticized notion of flying being an event.

According to MDE, this restaurant accepts the 2018 dining plan, however, it does not specifically specify the type of dining experience it will be categorized as yet – although it’s prices do not appear to fall into the Signature Dining experience, so, if I were guessing, 1 Table Service credit per person.  You also cannot currently make reservations here through MDE, you will have to call or make a reservation through another service.


Place setting in the First Class Lounge at Maria & Enzo’s


I almost hate to give away the “secret” of first class here… Because I want to do it EVERY SINGLE TIME I GO!!  If you make your reservation and request the First Class Lounge, you will be seated in a separate room, that is oh so beautifully elegant.  You are also greeted with a glass of champagne.  Yep, you read that right…  Welcome to First Class.

So, my friend Josie and I started with a glass of champagne, and then I also ordered a Giardino Punch, which consists of: carpano bianco, carpano dry, lime juice, simple syrup, cucumber slice, lemon, lime.  I admit to not knowing exactly what I ordered, but it was beautiful, light, refreshing, and had a flavor, a hint of something neither of us could place.  It was amazing though!  I also am not sure I understood anything that our waitress said, but she was from Italy and it sounded so beautiful!  I would have ordered everything on the menu if she’d just read it to me…


My champagne and Giardino Punch


Since we were on a dining bonanza, trying to fit in a lot of things, we opted for appetizers only.  We started with the Arancini di Carne: Fried Rice-stuffed with Meat Ragú, Peas, and Mozzarella and the Caciocavallo Fritto: Fried Sicilian Cheese, spicy Tomato, and Pomodoro Sauce.

Arancini di Carne
Inside the Arancini di Carne

The Arancini di Carne was really good, it had amazing flavors from the meat and cheese inside, it was fried perfectly, so it wasn’t greasy or too heavy.  These rice balls are amazing, they were rich, and full of meat.  There was no skimping on ingredients or flavor here.  Trust me, we didn’t leave a crumb on the plate.  However, I have to admit the real treat was yet to come.


Caciocavallo Fritto


The Caciocavallo Fritto were the surprise winner of the meal.  I had read the description and thought… ok, fried cheese.  You can get cheese sticks or cheese curds nearly every restaurant or drive thru in America.  So, I was skeptical as I moved on to these little bites of cheese.  I had prepared myself to be disappointed that I hadn’t started with this so I could end on the high note of the Arancini di Carne…  I bit into one, and, was speechless.  This is NOT just fried cheese.  I don’t even know how to describe it.  It was decadent, it was gooey but not stringy – this is not fried string cheese!  The cheese inside had more flavor than I could have imagined.  Then, dipping it into the sauce that accompanied it… My head exploded.  The sauce is a spicy tomato based concoction that provided a good bit of spicy to compliment the oh so rich cheese inside the perfectly fried shell.

We were tempted to order dessert here as well because of the spectacular experience, but decided we had much more eating to do, so we declined the tempting cannoli and waved farewell to the First Class Lounge with a promise to return!

This place gets an A++++++++  I could go on forever.  I cannot wait to go back and try entrees, and dessert, and… ALL  THE  THINGS!!!  From the travel posters on the wall, to the fabulous servers, to the spectacular food, this place ranks in my top 10 at Disney World!

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