rundisney princess weekend information


Holy wow guys, I really dropped the ball on Princess Weekend. Waivers have been out for a while and I completely forgot to post about it! I am so sorry!

So, head on over to or click this direct link and print off your waiver for your race(s). If you don’t have a printer available or if you’re like me and you print off and sign your waiver but then leave it at home, don’t worry. There are machines to do so at the expo! Doing this in advance at home just saves you a good bit of time – time that you could be spending shopping at the expo!

Corrals assignments are also available. On your waiver you should see your bib number. You’ll want to take that number and find it in the appropriate chart to see what corral you’ll be in.

princess half

fairy tale challenge

Remember, if you’re running with friends and you aren’t assigned the same corral, you can always go back, but no one is allowed to move up. So if you’re in corral C and your friend is in D, you’re totally allowed to move back to D to join her!

RunDisney has also put out the digital event guide which will have course maps, times, expo hours (and vendors), and so much more. Be sure to check it out!

Good luck this weekend, runners! Have fun! Princess weekend is one of my favorite runDisney event weekends!


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