Sleepy Hollow review

We usually stop at Sleepy Hollow for their funnel cakes or chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches as big as little K’s head. (True story). The desserts are amazing. The Nutella fruit waffle is too good for words. Prince Charming gets a funnel cake every time. The lemonade is refreshing.

But today… I got the menu item I’ve been wanting for a couple years now. The spicy chicken waffle sandwich. Yum! The chicken is fried, and coated in a spicy sauce. It’s not a buffalo sauce, but it’s definitely got some heat. It’s topped with a slightly sweet cole slaw. All that yumminess is sandwiched inside a waffle. Yes. A waffle.

It was good! It wasn’t great. It was a little too sweet not enough spice for my taste. I ended up eating the chicken without the waffle. But. It’s a great experience. I recommend it to everyone to try!

A solid A- for this one.

What Disney treat have you been dying to try??

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