shoes to wear in the parks

Alright y’all, listen up. Today we’re talking about what to  put on  your feets before heading out for a long day of parking walking through the parks! I have read blog after blog after blog all saying essentially the same thing: only wear sneakers to Disney!

And I’m here to tell you that’s bunk. Here at Our Disney, we’re huge proponents on “you do you!” If you like sneakers, absolutely wear them! But if you hate sneakers in general? Let me tell you, you’ll be miserable walking miles for hours in them. I know. I speak from experience.

Hi, my name is Katie, and I’m a flip flop addict!

So what I want to do right now is break down for you the different shoes I and my family have worn over the years, and our personal experiences.

Athletic Sneakers

These are the most recommended type, after all….

I’m a runner. I run, and I wear big comfy sneakers while running. And that’s about the only time I actually like wearing them! Unfortunately, January is a colder month, yes even in Florida, and I couldn’t get away with my flip flops… and wound up wearing my running shoes (which is actually a no-no for running shoes, you’re supposed to wear them only when running, but I didn’t have any other options). You would think if I could run 13.1 miles in them comfortably they’d be comfortable for walking 5+, but you’d be thinking wrong. Sneakers and my feet just don’t get along.

However! Notice Michael is also in sneakers. He always wears them at Disney. I’m not even sure he owns sandals anymore… I definitely can’t remember seeing him in any. Ever. Sneakers are just more comfortable for him.


I don’t wear them myself, but Little J is a major Crocs junkie. He’d rather wear Crocs than any other type of shoe. He has the clog-style Crocs, but he also has what we call “Crocverse” shoes – they’re Crocs, but styled more like Converse. Unfortunately, that’s a discontinued style (hey Crocs, bring them back! My kid doesn’t want to wear anything else and he’s on his last pair!)… Even in the winter he wants to wear his Crocs, he’ll just throw some socks on with them.

Yes, aesthetically I find that hideous, but hey… if he’s comfortable, we can’t complain, right? Right.

Fancy Shoes

Disneybounding in wedges!

There are women out there who can wear heels to the parks all day and be fine. I seriously think that’s pretty awesome – no sarcasm. I am not one of those women, but I can do heels or “fancy shoes” for short periods of time… like when Michael & I had dinner at the Grand Floridian. We went from our room to the Contemporary for cocktails, then the Grand Floridian for dinner, then back to our room. No problem at all wearing my pretty wedges to go with my Aurora Disneybounding dress at all!


One of the times we did Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, I went as the Mad Hatter… and I wore my favorite heels. They’re those really adorable 3 inch pumps you see there (the picture from MNSSP is hard to see). I wear these shoes any time I have a dressy event that needs black heels. I love them. But even the few hours we were at MNSSP kicked my heiny! I am not cut out for wearing heels in the parks.


Now, Big J was a huge Converse fan for years. I’m pretty sure that’s only because of Doctor Who, but whatever. They’re cute, so we rolled with it. I’ve got a few pair myself, although I rarely wear them. But, we have gone to Disney with them a few times. Big J never minded them. I waffle on how much I like Converse though. Sometimes it seems like they’re the most comfortable shoes on the planet… but at other times I just can’t wear them for long – my feet are pretty wide and sometimes Converse feel too constricting. I flip-flop back and forth on how much I like them….

Which leads me to my shoe of choice:

Flip Flops

(see what I didthere?) 97.62% of the time, if I’m at Disney I’m in flip flops. They’re the most comfortable for me in a lot of ways. If you splurge on anything beyond the dollar bin kind, they’re most likely going to be soft. I used to love the squishy fabric-covered-insole kind, but after being caught in a ton of rain showers or even just getting particularly sweaty throughout the day, those get kind of gross. Damp and clammy. I’ve since switched to these sandals from Target. The rubbery insole is just as comfy as the squishy kind, but they don’t stay damp for hours if they get wet!

Another thing I love about flip flops is that they don’t restrict my feet. As mentioned earlier, I have pretty wide feet in general… and after 10+ hours of walking and standing around, they swell! Having flip flops on mean my feet can spread out as much as they need, comfortably.

And I would just like to point out that I’ve even gone to Disney while quite pregnant, and still my shoe of choice was the flip flop. Despite people arguing that I needed more cushioning or arch support or whatever.

As mentioned at the beginning of this post… you do you. That’s the most important thing. In general you’re going to know what you find comfortable or not… but I also highly recommend you bring supplies to deal with sore feet if for whatever reason the shoes you bring rebel on you, and you wind up with blisters or the like. Some moleskin, bandages, antiseptic, and healing ointment is always a good idea to have on hand!

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