news: ticket price increases

annual pass
thank you to our friends @wdwcharactermeet on IG for this picture!

Disney’s prices went up today. The increase affects both Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California, and applies to both single or multi-day tickets and annual passes. Boo! But as sad as this is, it wasn’t unexpected – February seems to be the time they raise prices every year.

WDW Ticket & Pass Costs

Type Previous Price New Price
1-Day MK (value) $107 $109
1-Day MK (regular) $115 $119
1-Day MK (peak) $119 $129
1-Day E/HS/AK (value) $99 $102
1-Day E/HS/AK (regular) $107 $114
1-Day E/HS/AK (peak) $119 $122
2-Day Ticket $199 $209
3-Day Ticket $289 $305
4-Day Ticket $350 $380
5-Day Ticket $370 $395
6-Day Ticket $390 $405
7-Day Ticket $410 $415
8-Day Ticket $420 $425
9-Day Ticket $430 $435
10-Day Ticket $440 $445
Platinum Plus AP $869 $949
Platinum AP $779 $849
Gold AP (FL/DVC) $559 $589
Water Parks AP $125 $130

I did not include Park Hopper prices, nor did I include any Florida resident only tickets (aside from the Florida resident and DVC member only Gold Pass). But I promise, they went up too.

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