mobile ordering update!

Hey guys, remember how I just wrote this article about mobile ordering? And remember how I said that it was really pretty awesome, except for the fact that you can only pay with credit/debit cards and can’t use gift cards or dining plan? And remember how I said I had full faith that Disney would eventually roll out the ability to pay with gift cards or dining plan?

Well, I was right!

Well… I was half right… you still can’t use a gift card to pay for your mobile order, but you can use your dining plan credits!

Lets repeat that for the back of the class: You can now use your dining plan credits to pay for your mobile order!

This is exciting news for everyone on the dining plan. I even know people that have intentionally skipped the dining plan just to be able to use mobile ordering on a regular basis – now they can have the best of both worlds!

Thank you Disney for always looking out for your guests!

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