Epcot International Festival of the Arts preview…

Really, what’s better than a celebration of arts of all kinds? As I prepare for a visit to the most magical place on earth for this festival, I want to know… what would you do first? What would you see? What would you most look forward to?

Personally I’m giddy beside myself excited over the Disney on Broadway concert series, and… the weekend I’m there I get to see Ashley Brown from Beauty and the Beast… #fangirl SQUEEEEEEEEEE

And let us not be ridiculous… I’m gonna eat myself stupid. The dishes from this festival may very well make me leave F&W behind… I WILL take pics of all the things. Preferably before I start eating. I mean. I’ll try…

Then there’s the seminars, the visual art, and all the things!!

Not my pic! I borrowed it from the web!

So… my preview question is… what would YOU be most excited about? What would you do first? What do you most want to hear about?? Ok. That’s more than one question… oops.

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