I miss Disney…

And yes, I often miss it when I’m not there.  But lately… it’s enough to genuinely make me sad.  There’s auxiliary reasons behind it… I know…  Like, exhibit A, they CLOSED OUR DINSEY STORE!


Closed.. For good.  Nearest Disney Store is now 3 hours away from me.  Yes.  I cried.

Which leaves me with the realization that I can only shop for Disney at Disney now… (or on the apps, or drive to Nashville, but… I like to tell my sweet prince charming that I have to go to Disney to shop Disney because I’m so distraught over the store closing).

Also, there is the fact that I tried to book a quick little trip just me and my girls for Spring Break, even though I really hate going during spring break, because… lots of reasons, but, it sucks.  My least favorite time of the year to go.  Swore I’d never go again.  But, AP coupled with really cheap flights and fairly cheap hotel rooms (DVC was filled up, which is a sign it’s gonna be crowded and hellish, but still I booked).. and my girls said “nah, I’d rather not go for just 3 days…”  Yes, I realize that makes them spoiled , that they only wanna go if they can stay longer.  Whatever.

So, what does this lead to?  Me driving 3+ hours to go to that next closest Disney store and shopping.  No, of course I didn’t drive 3.5 hours JUST to go there… I went for work, and just made my way there before I came home.  Not that I wouldn’t drive that far just for Disney merch… but.  This time, I had legitimate reasons to be there.  But I digress.  Just being in the store made me sad that I couldn’t wear the awesome new shirts I was buying myself in Disney in less than 2 months.  Or sleep in the CUTEST Belle PJ’s ever in my Disney hotel room in less than 2 months.  I bought myself new #rockthedots Minnie ears, because one can never have too many ears.  Also, I wore them most of the way home, in the car, by myself, with the cardboard still attached because I didn’t have scissors to take it off.

Then, when I got home… I cooked dinner, and ate dinner, and sat on the couch in my #rockthedots ears.


Don’t be jealous of my awesome Minnie ears…

So, my family learned that I was protesting that they didn’t want to go to Disney with me.  That I missed Disney.  That I really wanted to go to Disney.  My sweet, not so smart Prince Charming tried “We are going in May, that’s just 4 months away!” I just looked at him blankly.  I wonder if I should tell him that I have a weekend trip in July booked for us too… Maybe I’ll just surprise him.

He talked me out of buying another DVC contract, but the reality is… It REALLY made me happy going 3 times last year.  And… I want to make that a thing.  Family trip, prince charming trip, and BFF trip.  BTW… since I mentioned it.., KATIE turned me down for the spring break trip too… because of some stupid finances or something… Plus she just got back from Disney… but… still.  I think Disney BFF’s should just suck it up and go again just because her BFF is Disney-depressed.  *sigh*

So… I miss Disney.  I will therefore be wearing more Disney than usual (since I already wear it all the time, this might be hard – typing this in my Star Wars PJ pants Prince Charming got me for Xmas).  And if you see me rocking my dots to the gym… just know it’s my own special therapy.  Beyond that… I’ll be plotting and planning how to get to Disney, even if it’s by myself.





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