rundisney marathon weekend updates

It is getting so close to Marathon Weekend! There are exactly three weeks to go until Expo Day One! I have to tell you, I’m freaking out more than just a teensy bit. That’s why my first thought when I saw that waivers & corral assignments were out was “oh $#!% this is really happening!” I am super excited though.

If you are signed up for marathon weekend as a runner (including Castaway Cay Challenge participants) or as part of the ChEAR Squad, you’ll need to head to and print out a waiver. You can find them under the “runner info” tab on the marathon weekend page, or just go here. Enter your last name and your birthday, then click print when you find your name. Tip: if you can’t find your name, try going up or down a day/year on your birthday, as sometimes they get entered slightly wrong. Or if you signed up using Facebook as a log in and have your full name listed out, enter your middle and last name. My friend had to enter her middle and last name to find her waiver today. waivers

Runners, your waiver will have your bib number on it. You can then use your bib number to find what corral you are in if you are particpatin in the half or full marathon.


I am in corral F! I was so worried about being in the last corral, so I am very pleased with my placement! If you’ve run these races in the past you might be confused as to why there are only corrals up to H when they used to go up to P or higher. RunDisney is switching over to fewer corrals but letting each corral go out in waves. I’ll have a better review on how that goes after the races!

I hope to see you there!

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