Whispering Canyon Café Review

I must apologize first… because I had this entire blog post written.  All of it.  Pictures in it.  Pictures were captioned.  Everything.  And… my dumb self deleted it.  Like, accidentally selected all and typed “put” which deleted everything and I was staring at an empty page with “put” and only put.  Now, looking back, I don’t even remember why I was writing put… I don’t know why it was there.  Maybe I’ll remember it when I get all the way to the bottom again… *sigh*

Ok, let’s start again.  Ask for ketchup.  Seriously, ask for ketchup.  I know you heard rumors, but you may be like me and googled “What happens when you ask for ketchup at Whispering Canyon?” The answer is, everyone in the restaurant (well, specifically the kids) will bring you every ketchup bottle in the place.  And when the next table asks for it – you’ll be inundated with kids again asking to take the ketchup to them… It’s the cutest thing!

Whispering Canyon Café is at the Wilderness Lodge resort.  It opens into the lobby and you can hear it before you can see it… Now, my only warning is… make sure your entire party is prepared for the, let’s say, atmosphere.  We checked in amidst a stick pony race where all the little kids are racing stick ponies around the restaurant.  It was loud.  And I was GIDDY!!!

We were greeted by a very funny server who took our orders.  C went for the New York Strip, I think Big K got the ribs… maybe? But, the rest of the table got the All-You-Care-To-Enjoy Skillet.  What is that??   Starting with Family-style Mixed Greens tossed in an Apple Vinaigrette Dressing and Fresh-baked Cornbread. Featuring Slow-smoked Pork Ribs, Barbecued Pulled Pork, Roasted Glazed Chicken, Oak-smoked Beef, and Western-style Sausage served with Seasonal Farm Fresh Vegetables, Mashed Yukon Potatoes, Corn on the Cob, and Cowboy-style Baked Beans.  WHAT?  Yes.  All of that.  Finish the mashed potatoes? (Yes, we did).  They bring you more. And that cornbread?  It is worth the trip to Wilderness all by itself.

Our skillet… Wow… Just… WOW!  The skillet… yes, the mashed potatoes are gone… this is epically good.  There really aren’t words…

Now… if you know my family, Big K, C and ESPECIALLY Prince Charming drink a LOT of Coke, Dr Pepper or Sweet tea.  They ask for a LOT of refills.  A LOT.  Well, come on, how can you expect the poor waiter to keep up with that kind of demand.  You just can’t ask them to keep refilling that glass.  So… if you ask too often?  What do you get?  You get a carafe.  A carafe of your drink.  Not to refill your glass with, no, little glass is taken away, you get a carafe with a straw in it…

C got a carafe of Dr. Pepper!

You’ll also notice the potatoes on the plate beside him and the ribs… This is why the potatoes were gone, Prince Charming loved those potatoes.  They were really good.
Now… you know how, sometimes, you open your silverware packet and they forgot to put a fork in it?  Or, you know, sometimes, you accidentally drop your fork?  I’ll advise against that here.  Don’t drop your fork.  And if you do, just use your spoon.  Because if by chance you do drop your fork and ask for another one?  Yes, they bring you another fork… with duct tape.

Don’t drop your fork!!

Big K dropped her fork, and asked for another… He duct taped the fork to her hand.  She didn’t lose it again…Now, something I forgot to mention earlier… like several restaurants at WDW, you can order a milkshake as your drink with the DDP.  Big K had the strawberry, I had the caramel, and Prince Charming had the chocolate.  But, what is different about these milkshakes?  All.  You.  Care.  To.  Enjoy.  All the milkshake you want.  Seriously.  SO good!

Now… where were we?  Oh, yeah, dessert.  Honestly, there are only two people in our party that I remember what was ordered for dessert.  I had a chocolate caramel cookie cake thing served hot in a skillet with ice cream melting all over it… I can’t do it justice with words, you need to see it.  And do NOT give me crap about not taking a before picture.  Could YOU wait?  Well, goody for you.  I couldn’t.  So, yeah.  It was just… beyond description.  Delicious.


Skillet cookie cake chocolate caramel deliciousness…

Now, I mentioned that I remembered what one other person in our party ordered for dessert… Little K.  What did she order?  Nothing.  She was so full she couldn’t possibly order dessert.  No thank you.  No dessert.  She’s really couldn’t possibly eat any.  Well, then I got that yumminess pictured above, and well, that little bit of nothing STOLE a bite of my skillet dessert.  That theivin little heathen… luckily, our waiter caught her red handed.  And he did exactly what you do to thieving bandits… He put her in jail, and told the WHOLE RESTAURANT about how she was a THIEF!



This was AWESOME!  She was embarrassed, but laughing so hard!!

Put.  Put her in jail… THAT is where I was in the post when I deleted it accidentally.  UGH.. Anyway.  I digress again.

I give this an adamant A+++  There is so much food.  SO.  MUCH. FOOD!  And it is really great food.  And the sarcastic, smart assery of the waiters?  YES!  YES!  I love this place, and I would definitely go back!





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