Yak & Yeti

Yak & Yeti inside AK is one of our families all time favorites.  It used to be nearly empty, so it was our little secret, a favorite underrated table service… lucky for them, things have changed!  There was a line out the door when we got there for our ADR.  This is one of the few restaurants on WDW property that is not owned and operated by Disney… it is a Landry’s restaurant.  Landry’s knows seafood, and we enjoyed the meal as always.

Last year when we the K’s and I brought prince charming here for the first time, we were worried that he wouldn’t love it like we did, because he’s a pickier eater, but we shouldn’t have worried.  Prince C loved it as much as we do.  This year, was C’s first time there, and he loved it too!

We started with the wok fried green beans that C tried like crazy to get Prince Charming to try because they don’t taste like green beans – but it didn’t work.  Mostly, it left more for us!  It had a spicy chili sauce to dip and it was super yummy!

Little K had Chicken Lo Mein and ate more than I think she ate the whole trip!  Big K had the Crispy Honey Chicken and a side order of lo mein noodles.  Prince Charming had the Soy Herb Glazed Rib Eye which was the most meh of the meal.  He ate it, and liked it well enough, but it was not that great.  It was very thin, and very fatty.  The upside is that the “wasabi mashed potatoes” aren’t really very wasabi-ey.  It was basically mashed potatoes, which Prince C appreciated.  He wasn’t unhappy with his meal, he just wasn’t as in love as we all were.  C and I got the seafood pasta special, it was spicy and so full of seafood!  Normally you get mostly pasta and a little seafood.  This time I think there was more seafood than noodles!  I was considering the Duck, but our server said I definitely wanted this more, and I’m glad I did it!

There is no option for me for dessert here EXCEPT the mango pie.  I live for this dessert, I look forward to it every year!  It is delicious times a million.  The only other option is the fried wontons, and I was so sad I couldn’t talk anyone at the table into getting them so I could try them…  Oh well.  I had Mango Pie.  Little K and C had the chocolate pudding cake and liked it.  Big K and Prince Charming had the New York Cheesecake.

We left full and happy.  I give this place an A-.  Why?  Well, they took away the steak and shrimp entrée that was so good, skirt steak wrapped around jasmine rice with coconut shrimp.  The ribeye was NOT an adequate replacement for that!  Also… maybe because they aren’t owned by Disney, they aren’t as cool about the whole, I don’t like that side, can I swap deal.  That’s why Big K had an extra side of noodles.  She wanted noodles, not rice.  No substitutions.  Come on.. really??  The food is mostly off the charts good, the décor is exotic and cool.  The servers are always top notch.  Those two little things made me not super puffy heart love the experience this time.  I just normal size puffy heart loved it.  HA!

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