The Wave… of American Flavors

***NOTE*** None of these pictures are mine, yes, I’m an idiot who didn’t take any at dinner.

First of all, this is a BEAUTIFUL restaurant.  Even if you don’t have an ADR, go by and grab a seat at the bar, or just look around.  It is beautiful visually from the entrance all the way thru the bar to the dining room.  Since I mentioned the bar, they have fabulous drinks, and great bartenders.

We ate at The Wave on a Saturday after a very warm day at Animal Kingdom.  Our waiter suggested the Bacon and Eggs and the Crab Cake appetizers, so we did both, and were glad that we did.  The Crab Cakes were almost pure crab meat, and were tasty.  The big kids devoured them, but I did manage to swipe a bite.  The Bacon and Eggs included a large piece of pork belly and an egg served in a “bowl” of cheese grits.  Now, they had me at bacon.  duh.  But, I’m not a fan of grits, so I was not overly excited about the dish overall.  C was initially skeptical of a “pork belly” but once I translated to BACON, he dove in and tried a bite.  I think everyone except Prince Charming dug into the bowl – and he’s a picky eater so he isn’t as apt to try new things… Big K and Little K were impressed, Little K even kept digging back into the grits!

Here’s where you start to get disappointed that I didn’t take pictures.  Little K ordered off the kids menu even though she’s 12 because she eats like a baby bird AND paying for her $10-15 kids meal out of pocket allowed us to snag an extra table service later in the week!  Totally worth it.  Especially given that she would have been miserable eating off the adult menu AND would have only taken 5 bites before giving up.  So, she ordered off the kids menu, and I have no idea now what she ate. Oops.

Big K, C, Prince Charming and I all had the filet.  I know, we probably should have had some diversity, but, what can I say? We love our steak!  The dish was as delicious as it was beautiful! The steak was perfect, the potato-celiac mash was fluffy and tasty!  I am the only one who ate her carrots, and they were yummy!  I highly recommend it!  I had a glass of seasonal sangria with mine that was really fabulous.  It was not too sweet, and I loved the fresh fruit in it.

Seasonal Flight

Dessert is served in flights, we did use a little diversity here.  Big K had the Trio of Sorbet.  She liked 2 of the 3 sorbets, and enjoyed the cool treat after a long hot day.  C and Prince Charming had the chocolate flight and they enjoyed it, although the dark chocolate mousse was too rich and they left it behind.  I had the seasonal flight, and it was phenomenal.  I loved the opportunity to try three different desserts, if you haven’t guessed, I love dessert!

Overall, this place gets an A+++++++++++  I would list it as an underrated location, it was busy, but not packed.  Definitely go try this!  You can easily get ADR’s and the food it totally worth it!  It is a single table service credit.

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