Pizza-fari inside AK was a “we may never go back” for me, because, well… it was pizza, in a park with so many yummy options.  Add in the last time my family ate there I had some work problems that required that I be on the phone the whole time, and I’m not even sure I got to eat my pizza.  BUT… read on readers!

We stopped in for a quick bite and was glad we did.  Pizzafari is a QS location near the entrance to Pandora.  Yes, it is pizza, but it’s good!  Prince Charming and C both had the pepperoni flatbread.  Big K and I had the Cheeseburger flatbread, and Little K had cheese flatbread.  Now, it’s nothing new or exciting.  If you’ve had these flatbreads at any of the other QS locations that serve flatbread – it’s the same thing.  It was really good though, so I don’t mind.

Of note – I had the mandarin orange lemonade (non alcohol version).  I never drink anything but water (and coffee and alcohol), so ordering this was odd for me – but it was really yummy!!  I recommend you try it!

The negative of the restaurant… you only get one option of a side.  tomato and cucumber salad.  None of us even touched it.  It stayed in the container till it was tossed.  Come on Pizzafari – give us options!  Let us have a salad, or soup, or ANYTHING else with our flatbread.  So… I give it a B.  The flatbreads were good – but they aren’t unique to the location.  The side was beyond meh.  The lemonade was great though!

Tomato & Cucumber Salad… not a hit

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