satu’li canteen review

When Heather & I went to Disney in July, the first thing we wanted to do was head to Animal Kingdom to check out Pandora. By the time we got to Saratoga and dumped our luggage, caught a bus to Animal Kingdom, and dealt with ticketing, it was lunchtime… and I was starving. We headed pretty much straight to Satu’li Canteen to check it out, with only a quick stop for pictures… because… MemoryMaker!

I wish I had thought to take a picture as we walked in, but frankly by then I really was too hungry and focused only on getting food. The seating area was absolutely stunning! I was kind of taken aback (“are we sure this is a quick serve?!”), it was that nice. The area where you order wasn’t so swank though. Kind of boring, actually – but again, no pictures because I was too busy trying to decide what to eat. The idea behind Satu’li Canteen is that it was originally  an RDA mess hall in a standard boring Quonset hut, but is now an Alpha Centuri Expeditions dining hall featuring Na’vi artwork, hence the wild discrepancy between the ordering area and the dining area.

Heather knew she wanted to try the cheeseburger pods, and in the end I went with the sustainable fish bowl (with the red & sweet potato hash base and creamy herb dressing sauce). We also got one of each desserts, the chocolate cake & the blueberry cream cheese mousse. I ordered the Hawkes’ Grog ale and Heather had the Dreamwalker sangria. Since Satu’li is a quick serve restaurant, we stayed at the counter until our food was ready, then took it into the dining room to find seats. And silverware. Real silverware. Actual silverware that isn’t disposable, to go with the actual plates that aren’t paper. Woah!


Individually, every aspect of my entree was fantastic. The bowls are all topped with a slaw (normally the thought of coleslaw makes me gag, but this was good – it wasn’t a mayonnaise-y gross slaw at all) and boba balls, which I had never experienced before but were cool. The fish was a mahi mahi, lightly breaded and baked perfectly. It can be easy to ruin fish, especially at a fast food style restaurant, but I had no complaints. The potato hash I picked as a base was delicious. The potatoes were soft without being mush, and the seasoning was great. And the creamy herb dressing? Yeah, I was in love. Mmm! I have to confess though, as much as I’m raving about how amazing all the components are… they didn’t really mesh well. I really had to eat everything separately. I can’t explain it, but oh well. It was still great, just not great all together.


The Hawkes’ Grog ale was… it was beer. I’m sorry, but I can’t do the whole “it was light but full bodied with hints of elderberry” or whatever. I’m not an aficionado. It was beer. I enjoyed it, found it tasty. Ha! I don’t know that I would order it again though… not because it was bad, but because the Dreamwalker sangria was way better. The green coloring of my ale kept throwing me off, too. I almost felt like I was drinking cheap PBR at a St. Patrick’s Day party.

The highlight of the meal was dessert. Hands down. I made Heather try the mousse first because I was actually unwilling to spoon into it – look at how beautiful it was! That’s not just a dessert, it’s a work of art. It was a perfect blend of sweet and tart, just like you would imagine a blueberry cheesecake to be, but it was lighter than a regular cheesecake. You know… because… mousse.


Even though I said the entree components didn’t mesh, I still thought this was an excellent meal. I will definitely be going back, and trying all the different options. I promise next time we go back, we’ll have more & better pictures too!

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