dopey countdown: 75 days

Two months, fourteen days. Ten weeks, five days. Seventy-five days. No matter how you say it, January 2 is getting close. I am more than ready to be back at Disney, but I’m not so certain that I am completely ready for the Dopey Challenge.


I’ve mentioned the Dopey Challenge a few times, but probably haven’t explained exactly what it is. The Dopey Challenge is a runDisney event during the WDW Marathon Weekend: a long weekend with kids races, a family fun 5K, a 10K, a half marathon, and a full marathon. Which race is Dopey? Alllllll of them – well, all except the kids races. That’s right. The Dopey Challenge is when you run a 5K on Thursday, a 10K on Friday, a half marathon on Saturday, and a full marathon on Sunday. Only truly “Dopey” people find that fun….

Michael & I will be flying down on Tuesday to give us time to check into the hotel and get a good night’s sleep before tackling the expo on Wednesday. No lie, I might be just as nervous about the expo as the marathon. I’ve heard stories about day one at a runDisney expo… stories that make me contemplate asking for a Kevlar body suit for Christmas… although the runDisney expos I’ve been to so far haven’t been that bad (even the 2017 Marathon Weekend expo – but I didn’t go on the first day).

Historically I’ve always followed the Jeff Galloway plans for runDisney races, but for my first marathon, which is essentially an almost ultra (if you squint and look at it sideways), I have a run coach who is writing me custom plans. She has a run group that meets on Tuesday and Thursday, which is great for checking in and making sure I’m on track, then I can do my weekend long runs solo or with friends. I did 14 miles with Lisa (who is also doing her first marathon at Disney!) last weekend, slower than it should have been but hey. The miles got done! I’ve been making plans to run with friends during the races too. Alyssa, Natalie, and I plan to do the 10K as matching Minnie Mouses.

Matching Minnie Mouses? Yes, you read that right. One of the funnest parts to a runDisney race is the dressing up! I’ve got an Alice in Wonderland costume that I plan to wear during the 5K, and a Minnie outfit I’ll rock for the 10K. I don’t have a clue what I’ll do for the half and full marathons. In the past I’ve run as Maleficent, Aurora, and Vanellope von Schweetz. Well, there’s still plenty of time to figure that out.

There are still 15 days until we can make FastPass+ reservations, but our dining is booked. The most important? Beaches & Cream for dinner after the marathon. I can’t wait! Disney equals food to my way of thinking, and running 48.6 miles equals eating all the things!

What Disney costume would you wear for a marathon?

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