rundisney puts disneyland races on hiatus

Earlier today, runDisney announced that all of their Disneyland races will be placed on hiatus beginning in 2018. That does include all Coast to Coast Race Challenges.

Okay, this was taken at Walt Disney World, but it IS Sleeping Beauty’s castle…

Yes, the last runDisney event in Disneyland will be the Super Hero Half Marathon Weekend in November.

RunDisney cited the construction going on around the Disneyland Resort as the reason for the hopefully temporary suspension of races on the West Coast. Rumors have abounded online for months about the reason for little to no information being given about upcoming Disneyland Races, especially the Star Wars Half Marathon – Light Side Weekend that was originally scheduled for January 2018, and runDisney has finally come forward and given their explanation.

I for one am sincerely hoping that when the construction settles down runDisney will again offer Disneyland races. I haven’t been to Disneyland in probably two decades – there was only one park back when I went! A Disneyland race would have been a perfect excuse to head to the West Coast, and to tell the truth I would really love a C2C medal one day… and since I will probably never talk Michael into taking me to Disneyland Paris to qualify for a Chateau to Castle medal, the stateside Coast to Coast medal is my best bet.

And although the Coast to Coast Challenges have been affected (ahem, are currently no more), the Walt Disney World races themselves have not been affected. The runDisney website has been updated to reflect their current race weekend lineup.

Yeah, yeah, this was also taken in Florida… but I sure do love my runDisney beer mugs (that are not actually mugs at all)!

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