babies at disney?! no way!

Bring up going to Disney and taking a baby with you, and I guarantee you’re going to get some pretty heated responses. What should be the minimum age for a Disney trip seems to be a parenting hot topic – it definitely came up over the years in the mommy forums I joined when Little J was a baby, and I heard opinions about it when we announced that we would be taking Little J when he was just 2 months old. My in-laws even offered to keep him home for us! When I insisted he was going, my mother-in-law did everything she could to help (that stroller she loaned me was hands down the best Disney stroller ever), but I’m pretty sure she still thought her only daughter-in-law was nuts.


Today, I’m gonna break down the top 5 excuses I heard for why people would nevvvvver take their baby to Disney, and explain why I believe those excuses are pure bunk.

Your infant won’t remember. Well, no. People just don’t remember things that happen to them in infancy. So what? Your baby won’t remember his first Fourth of July or Christmas or Halloween, or first birthday either, but that is no reason not to have fun with the holidays! You will remember taking your baby to Disney, and (hopefully) you will have lots of pictures to show him years later.


Disney costs too much to “waste” on a baby. Well, kinda. Disney sure does cost a lot, and if you’re paying for a Disney trip just for your baby and not for your own enjoyment, then yeah… that’s probably ridiculous. But! I didn’t go to Disney for Little J when he was a baby. I went to Disney for me and for Big J and everyone else, and Little J just got to tag along. Also – children three and under are free, so it’s not like it cost any extra to bring him along on our family trip! The flip side to my arguments for #1 and #2 is when you know you are only going to Disney one time – then it does make sense to wait until your baby will remember. I will caution you that even a 5 year old might not really remember the trip when he is older though. I will also caution you that it is a very real thing to plan on going only once, but getting hooked and going back… and back… and back.


You won’t be able to do anything if you’re hauling a baby around. False. False, false, falsity-false! Not only can you do a lot when you bring a baby on vacation, your baby can do a lot at Disney too! If you go solo, just you and babe, it’s a little more restrictive, but if you go with family you can take turns riding big person rides while the other holds the baby. And, if a ride does not have a height requirement, your baby can go on it! That’s right. At 2 months old Little J went on Jungle Cruise (his first Disney ride ever!), Magic Carpets, Pirates of the Caribbean, it’s a small world, Peter Pan’s Flight, and more!

Baby J’s first Disney ride! Jungle Cruise!

Babies need quiet and sleep, so Disney is too “busy” for them. Babies sure do need sleep. Newborns pretty much do nothing but sleep! Naps are the name of the game for infants. The thing is? Most babies can sleep just about anywhere. Babies can sleep in your arms, in a baby wrap, in the stroller… or you can even go back to your hotel for a midday break and nap in the bed. It might take some trial and error to find out where your baby sleeps best while on the go, but I’ve got faith in you! As for quiet… well… I don’t actually believe babies need quiet. The world is a noisy place, and we live in the world. Let the hustle & bustle of Disney act as white noise to soothe little one to sleep.

Baby J zonked out & napped through dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern. I just laid down the handy sheet and made sure he didn’t roll off the bench – and had a full dinner with my arms free!

Pushing a stroller around Disney & taking it on a bus is akin to being trapped in the 6th level of hell. Okay, okay… I will grant that pushing a stroller through the Disney hordes is no fun. That’s why I always make Michael push the stroller haha I mean, that’s simply a part of life at Disney. Here’s a secret: it can be kind of a pain just walking yourself through those crowds too. No stroller necessary. But in reality, it isn’t that bad doing Disney with a stroller. Even having to break it down to get on a bus isn’t too bad – if you have a good stroller at least. And hey! At least you will always have a spot to dump your stuff. When Heather & I went for our birthday trip, just the two of us, we both mentioned how much we wished we had a stroller for carrying purchases or just setting our purses down in.


I won’t lie and tell you that taking your baby to Disney is easy peasy lemon squeezy or anything, but I promise you, it isn’t as hard as you might be fearing. I don’t regret bringing Little J as a baby at all. I would have done it again with subsequent babies with no hesitation! We spent time chillin’ in the hotel, we purposely went into long lines to just relax out of the sun and give him a chance to fall asleep (The Great Movie Ride was the best for this, with The Seas with Nemo & Friends a close second!), and we sat on benches & just people watched. In many ways, it was actually easier to go with Little J when he was a baby as opposed to when he was a toddler. At least an infant doesn’t try to run off into a crowd!

Baby J in line to ride the Magic Carpets!

How old were you the first time you went to Disney?

**please remember this post is all one person’s opinion based on her own personal experiences, okay? Everyone’s situation is different, I get that!

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