Packing for Disney

I’m sure you are an adult and know how to pack a suitcase… BUT my packing system for Disney is great for so many reasons.  First of all, I know I repeat this too often – but I am ALL ABOUT not having to think while on my Disney vacation.  I’m a fan of anything that takes stress and too much thinking and brain power out of my vacation time.  I have used this system since the girls were little, with a little revision along the way, and it is even more efficient now that they are older.

First, I make a list of where we are going each day, and what shirts we are wearing.  (See my 10 things to do before you go post because of course you should match/coordinate shirts while at Disney).

Packing Planning List
This is the list for our quickly upcoming trip – Where we will be each day, and what the girls and I will wear to coordinate each other and the park.


I try to think about the park to plan our shirts.  MK begs for Mickey Mouse.  Epcot and princesses go hand in hand.  HS is Star Wars! And sometimes, it doesn’t really fit – but I love Tink and have to fit her in somewhere, so she goes where I put her 🙂  I have done Tsum Tsum days, Ariel, Katie has done Toy Story days, and Nightmare Before Christmas days too, I think… We try to get creative, but we for sure have our favorites, Tink, Stitch, Minnie/Mickey, etc.

When the girls were smaller we actually matched.  We all wore the same shirts with some alterations.  Now, we pick shirts that match our personalities but stay in the theme.  For instance for the Minnie/Mickey day, oldest daughter has a Mickey Rock n Roller Coaster tank, I have a super soft flowy Mickey tank (that matches Katie of course), so it works.  Also when the girls were younger, I started doing this, and they couldn’t read their bags, but I could easily grab their daily bag, and give it to them to let them dress themselves.  Now, they have their bags, they know what day it is, so they know what to wear.

Next, put everything that you need for that day in a gallon zipper bag.  This includes underwear, socks, etc.  Take a sharpie and label it by person, by day, and park.  See below…

Now that you have these all put together, here is the other benefit… you can press the air out of the bag and seal it and it takes up less space in your luggage, this helps save space.  Repeat for other family members, and you can fit 2-3 people into one small duffle or carry on luggage.  Another benefit – you now have gallon bags to use for wet clothes, or dirty clothes, or blow outs, or cell phones on Kali.  This allows kids to dress themselves, or dad to help dress the kids without worrying about messing up mom’s crazy fanatical plan for coordinating clothes at Disney (hehehehehe).

End Result
A week’s worth of clothes for me all labeled and ready to go!

This is my system, it works really well for us, and has for years.  I had to go out of town for work the week before our trip and my youngest asked me in a bit of panic – but mom, you haven’t done my bags!  I assured her that I would do them before we left, I promise.  This just makes everything easier, less thinking.

The one time I didn’t do this?  Mine and Katie’s BFF Birthday trip this July.  We had planned our shirts, so that we matched everyday.  But we didn’t actually write it down.  We brought the right shirts, but then had several moments of “Wait, what are we wearing today??” Since it was just the two of us, it wasn’t stress inducing like it would have been for me if it was the whole family and I couldn’t remember who was wearing what.  Yes, I’m slightly neurotic.  It’s fine.  I accept this about myself. I hope my crazy helps you on your trip!

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