Capt. Cook’s Review

It occurs to me that one day soon I need to get around to blogging about my Prince Charming sweeping me off to my happy place for my birthday, since I keep referencing it…

When we were at WDW for my birthday, we stayed at Polynesian, a first for me.  It was beautiful. We lucked out on the location of our studio, and had an absolutely perfect view of the castle and fireworks, and it was beautiful and just PERFECT.  We had the opportunity to eat at Capt. Cook’s a couple times while we stayed there, and it was always interesting and really good.

For breakfast, I had the Tonga Toast, which used to only be available at Kona Café.  Let me try to use coherent words to describe how deliciously yummy and extravagant this is… It’s French toast, except, it is two HUGE pieces of French toast with yummy bananas squashed in between.  It is all covered in cinnamon sugar, it is divine.   Seriously… it is so good.  It is served with syrup, but it doesn’t NEED it, it is delicious, but yes, I added syrup! Ha!  DH got the Mickey waffles with bacon.  They were as wonderful as always!  I love seeing the little Mickey’s in waffle form 🙂

We went for a late night stop as well.  We split a hamburger and fries – they were typical theme park fare, nothing really unique or special – but they were good for a late night snack. I loved that they were open so late with a full kitchen still working hard – lots of places you get only the pastry carts after the typical dinner crowd is done.  *side note – our late night dinner here was AFTER the MEH-ness of Boatwright’s – see my review of it here too, we weren’t full and certainly not all that impressed after first dinner there – so we were wandering the resort for another option and landed here,  happily*

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