Why You Should Get The Disney Dining Plan

This is a controversial subject, to DDP or not to DDP.  I have done both, and I am 1000000% in the DDP camp.  Here are some of the reasons why – in no particular order…

  • You have to stay on property to get it.  Which might be a whole other blog post – in fact I guarantee it – but trust me on this… This is a PRO in favor of having the DDP.
  • I am a mom.  As such, I say “NO” like 9284940382784940 times a day, or I feel like it.  I hate saying no.  I hate that money, or time, or work, or energy (lack of) or other things make me say no to my kiddos more than I want.  I wish I had unlimited resources and could say ‘YES” to them every day.  So, I try to make vacations a “YES” experience.  DDP lets me do that.  I don’t say “No, you can’t have that steak, it’s too expensive.” or “No, no dessert today.”  With the DDP, I can literally say “Anything you want on the menu”
  • It’s paid for ahead of time.  I can pay it months in advance, so it isn’t like I’m paying on vacation – which in my twisted mind, makes it better… you know, like, it’s free while we are at WDW because I’m not paying ANYTHING while I’m there.
  • The food… oh, the food.  This could be a couple dozen points, because, honestly, as much as I love the mouse, and the magic, and the music, and the EVERYTHING about WDW, I LOVE the food most of all.  And the food that is easily available to you on the DDP??  It is NOT typical theme park fare.  Don’t believe me? I dare you to try it and be disappointed.
  • So, the typical DDP is 2 snacks, 1 quick service, and 1 Table Service every day.  That doesn’t mean you have to use each every day – they don’t expire until midnight the day you check out.  What does that mean?  If you are lucky enough to go during Epcot’s Food and Wine Fesitval – MOST of the food in the international kiosks count as a snack credit.  Want a fabulous Le Cellier filet??  Snack.  Want a liquid nitrogen Chocolate Almond Truffle with warm whiskey caramel (yes, this is TOTALLY a thing, and it is better than it sounds)?? Snack!  There are so many options for you.  Don’t need all your QS or TS credits – cash it in for 3 snacks.  At the end of your week and have any credits to burn?  Get the most awesome souvenirs or take home gifts in things like the Mickey ear shaped rice crispy treats dipped in chocolate.  Or Mickey ear shaped cheese crackers.  Trust me, someone will feel special that you brought them amazing Disney food/treasure and the best part – it didn’t cost you anything extra!
  • img_8185
  • It’s not THAT expensive to buy the DDP.  It is somewhere around $60/person/day for adults.  If you are wanting any sit down meals – you will get your money’s worth I promise!!  And next year (2018) the DDP will include ALCOHOL!!
  • We have done it both ways.  The first time I took my girls to Disney, we stayed off property, and learned about the DDP while sitting down next to a family waiting for the 3:00 parade.  Their kids asked for and got a snack while we were sitting there, my girls asked for one, and had to split one because we had NO idea how much eating at Disney was going to cost, and we were NOT prepared.  The parents told us about the DDP, and I was IN.  I swore never to do it any other way again.  Katie and her family tried the QS only DDP, and were not thrilled with it, but I’ll let her weigh on officially.  We went for my 40th birthday weekend extravaganza without the DDP, and I didn’t like it.  Not the birthday extravaganza… I LOVED that!  But, going without the DDP… it made me think more, and honestly, vacations are for NOT THINKING!  I love the NO THINKING about DDP.  You GET an entrée, you GET a dessert at a TS, etc.  Any of them you want, no questions.
  • It is vacation!!! SPLURGE A LITTLE!!!  Come on!  Live it up! The DDP lets you do that.  So, go ahead and book those fabulous restaurants, have a character breakfast, have all the wonderful food you can tuff your face with!

I’m sure I’ll think of more later, but, I am VERY firmly in the GET the DDP camp.  There are just so many benefits.  Totally worth the $!

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