d-luxe burger review

Our DVC home resort is Saratoga Springs. I really do love it, not least because of the proximity to Downtown Disney Disney Springs. Disney Springs has it all! There is a movie theater, bowling alley, rides, shopping for pretty much everything except a car, and dining. Oh, the dining. All! The! Food! A while back Heather told me about D-Luxe Burger, and I was itching to go. Now, if you know me at all, you know I’m not about the burgers. They’re just… ehhhh… to me. But fries? Good French fries are a thing of beauty. And dipping sauces? Well… shut up and take my money!

So when Michael & I went to Disney for a long weekend, we hopped the boat from Saratoga to Disney Springs and hit up D-Luxe for lunch. I always know I will have to go back when I have trouble deciding what to order! It was a hard decision between a Bacon and Bleu burger, a Classic Cheeseburger, or a Veggie Burger (mmm, tzatziki sauce). In the end we decided to split the Classic Duo, which comes with two cheeseburgers, one order of fries, and two fountain beverages.

Holy. Wow.

dluxeclassicduoMichael said he feels this is the best value for the money out of any Disney place he’s eaten. This duo meal is $24.99, but since I have an Annual Pass we got the Passholder 20% discount, bringing our total down to $20.00. Plus tax, of course. In the end I don’t know that it is necessarily the cheapest meal I’ve had at Disney, but it is definitely a lot of bang for your buck.dluxecheeseburger

Check out that burger. It was HUGE! I smushed the thing down and still felt like I had to practically unhinge my jaw to eat it. Like I said, I’m not a huge burger fan, but this was actually great. It was cooked perfectly, and had a nice smoky grilled taste going on. I think it would have been way better with some bleu cheese though! Then again, I think most things would be better with bleu cheese…

The fries were perfect. Perfect, I tell you! They were the right size, and right thickness, and right doneness (is that a word?). You know how some fries are just drenched in oil and soggy and nasty? Not these! But on the flip side there are fries that are rock hard and bone dry. Nope, not these. And the salt and pepper seasoning blend was perfection. I’d come back to D-Luxe for the fries alone! Especially the fries with the dipping sauces…

D-Luxe Burger offers six dipping sauces: buffalo bleu cheese, chipotle mayo, curry ketchup, garlic ranch, horseradish, and three mustard & honey. They accidentally gave us two buffalo bleu cheeses and no horseradish, but I was too lazy hungry hungry and lazy to go back to the counter and fix that. It turned out to be good though, because that buffalo bleu cheese was ah-MAY-zing! Like with burgers, I am not even that big of a fan of buffalo sauce, but this was delicious. They were all good, but that was the one that I wound up pouring onto my burger as well as dipping the fries in.

I will definitely be going back to D-Luxe Burger in the future. I know the boys would love it, and I want more of their amazing fries & sauces. When even Michael enjoys a meal, I know it is a winner.

Tell us: Which dipping sauce do you most want to try?

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