disney celebration buttons

People tend to think of Disney as very pricey, and frankly people are not wrong. It is not exactly cheap to go on a Disney vacation… but that doesn’t mean there aren’t cheap, or even free, goodies to be found at the House of Mouse. One of my favorite freebie goodies would be a celebration button!

A small sampling of my Disney button

Once upon a time, there were several celebration buttons available: 1st Visit, Happy Birthday, I’m Celebrating, Family Reunion, Just Married, Happily Ever After, and Happy Anniversary. Some time between when I first started collecting buttons and now, the button selection has been updated and streamlined. There are new designs, and the Just Married, Happily Ever After, and Happy Anniversary buttons have been combined into one Happily Ever After version. I also have not seen any Family Reunion buttons available lately.

One thing about the buttons – if you write a name or a message on it, you’ll probably be using a permanent marker. It turns out that sunblock wipes permanent marker off easier than you can spit. Who knew, right? So what the cast members are supposed to do is slap a piece of tape on over the writing. If they forget, go ahead and ask for some tape! I lost all the writing on my BFF trip birthday button because I’m a pale girl who burns just thinking about the sun, so I definitely use lots of sunblock.

Time blurs memories, and now I can’t actually remember if we knew about the buttons before Little J went to Disney the first time. That might be the first time we ever got any buttons. I know that we did get him a 1st Visit button… I remember draping a nursing cover over the stroller canopy, but the cover would fly around in the breeze, so we pinned a button to each corner to weigh it down. We also would attach it to his little sun hat. D’awwww wasn’t he the sweetest?


We also have a few I’m Celebrating buttons. Frankly, I’m celebrating every time I’m at Disney… I’m celebrating being there! But specifically we have gone to celebrate being out of school, or running a big race, or just celebrating me. Look, modesty is not something I struggle with, okay? The thing is, there is always something to celebrate at Disney. Hey, why not celebrate the fact that you’re getting a free button??


There are some buttons that not everyone can get, such as the DVC Member Since button. Oh! I wonder if there is an AP (annual pass) button?! There are also buttons that are only temporarily available, like the DVC 25 year celebration button or the I Am Tweeting @WDWTODAY button (I picked that one up at the runDisney marathon weekend expo, along with a Disney Conservation button). Annnd of course there are buttons you can pay for, such as the Epcot passport button. But this is about freebies so how about forgetting that was even mentioned…

I am sad that some of the buttons seem to have gone the way of the dinosaur, but I love that they still have buttons at all. I hope in the future they come out with some new ones that I can add to my collection, as well as new designs for some of the ones that I already have. One day we might even find a fun way to display the collection, instead of just keeping them boxed up in my own Disney vault (i.e. the giant tote bag and storage box holding my random Disney paraphernalia)!


Tell us: Do you have any Disney celebration buttons? Which ones?

Have a magical day!

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