grand floridian cafe dinner review

I was really excited to try this restaurant! The Grand Floridian is hands down my favorite WDW resort hotel – I might not want its style for my house, but it is exactly what a hotel should be: beautiful and elegant and lush. IMHO. My husband was not particularly excited to try the restaurant, but he was more than willing to do whatever would make me happy. Hey, he even offered to take me to Victoria & Albert’s (it’s gonna happen one day)! Overall, I thought the Grand Floridian Cafe was pretty dang great.


Michael & I showed up pretty early, at least 20 minutes before our reservation, but we were seated very quickly. The CM who seated us lingered to talk about my dress. Can you guess who I was dressed as? When she left, our server came by to take our drink & appetizer orders. There was a section of the menu for the Disney family of wines, so I asked for a Riesling. I also ordered the artisanal cheese offering. I’m a sucker for a good cheese plate, and this didn’t disappoint.


Michael ordered the New York strip steak, while I went with the artisan-made spinach-ricotta ravioli. Clearly, I’m actually just a sucker for anything with “artisan” in the name… anyway, since he voiced no complaints, I assume that Michael’s dinner was fine. My ravioli was fan-freakin-tastic. Spinach, ricotta, mushrooms, Parmesan… you can’t really go wrong here.


After dinner, we figured “go big or go home” and ordered the dessert sampler, which the menu says serves two. It came with smaller portions of four desserts: mocha pot de crème, chocolate timbale, wild strawberry cheesecake, and fresh berry tart. I am a coffee fanatic, so I expected to adore the mocha pot de crème, and it was good, but the clear winner there was the chocolate timbale. So rich. So chocolatey. So perfect!


Michael & I had mixed opinions about the service. I think he is a service snob, and expects the server to come by pretty frequently. Our server did not. However! Even if he did not come by and ask if we needed anything, he would still note Michael’s empty drink as he walked by, and bring a refill. That’s better than constantly being interrupted to ask if we need a drink, to my way of thinking. It certainly wasn’t the best service I’ve ever had, but it wasn’t actually bad service.

In the end, I have to admit I don’t think I’ll be back any time soon. I’m glad we went, and I definitely enjoyed it, but I didn’t love the Grand Floridian Cafe enough to put off trying the other new restaurants on my wish list. In a few years, when I’ve whittled that list down? I’ll be back! And in the meantime I do definitely recommend it for those looking to have a nicer but not nice-nice sit down meal!

Tell us: Do you have a Disney Dining Wish List?

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