Cinderella’s Royal Table Dining Review

CRT is a 2 credit, or ridiculously expensive pre-paid meal.  I’ve eaten here twice, once with the kiddos, and once, just Mr. Wonderful and me… 🙂 I had the most fabulous opportunity to eat dinner IN THE CASTLE, ON my 40th birthday, thanks to my sweeter than sweet husband and fabulous BFF.  Next to the windows even.  I could not have been a happier girl.

We started with champagne, because we were celebrating MEEEE!  I had the Rosa Regale and DH had the ‘Lady of Spain’ Brut.  It was decadent and wonderful, and I honestly couldn’t have felt more like a princess.

Charcuterie Plate which was yummy.  DH ordered the salad, which he didn’t eat because he doesn’t like veggies, but it looked good!  I ordered the grilled beef tenderloin with shrimp.  The filet was cooked perfectly, the shrimp was sort of meh… but overall, the food was really good.  DH ordered the Pork Tenderloin.  The pork was really good, full of flavor.  He says in retrospect he should have ordered the filet, and let me eat the shrimp…

We both got the Jaq & Gus dessert, which is a whipped cheesecake with strawberry cake, compressed strawberries, hibiscus meringue with micro mint.  They also brought me a special birthday cupcake with bright blue icing!  The cheesecake was decadent, so yummy.. we cleaned our plates!!

There were visits from Ariel, Jasmine, and Snow White that came to the table to greet us!  They gave me a magic wishing wand, and my handsome prince a sword.  Before we were taken upstairs, we had the opportunity to meet Princess Cinderella, it is her castle after all!

Reivew: A-  The food was good, but there are so many other options with MUCH better food… You go here for the experience, and everyone should at least once, because they make you feel like royalty.

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