Boatwright’s Dining Hall Review

This used to be a family favorite with “almost authentic” NOLA food; however, our last visit puts this on my “Not Worth The Hassle” of a resort dining location.  The service was meh at best the best part of the meal was watching one server whom none of the other servers liked walk around and put everyone in a bad mood.

I had the Lake Charles Risotto with Mahi Mahi, and DH had the chicken and dumplins.  Mine was good, although our server told me repeatedly to be cautious that the seasoning of the fish was very spicy, and it was disappointingly not.  At all.  I like spicy, I was ready for spicy, I didn’t get spicy.  But, the bigger disappointment was the chicken and dumplins.  DH had been dreaming about these all day, and well… they weren’t chicken and dumplins.  He got half a roasted chicken on top of two smallish “sorta” dumplings.  this is NOT authentic southern comfort food.

The “Not so chicken & dumplins”

The food was good, but not great.  It certainly isn’t one of Disney’s finest, and is officially no longer worth the hassle of getting there and back for me… Perhaps if we stay at Port Orleans in the future, we might consider trying again, but the MEH food isn’t worthy of the ‘Nawlins Cajin ideals it supposedly has.

My score?  B, Maybe B-

PS… The French Onion soup smells like feet, like month old gym socks, and makes everything in a 10 foot radius smell like feet.

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